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2020 Smashers Schedule

Tammy Arbuckle | March 03, 2020

Smashers, youth tennis tournaments for beginner-level players aged 10 and under, allow young athletes to compete in a friendly game of tennis with modified equipment to develop their tennis skills and progress in their games. The platform helps children grow from beginner to advanced-level players. Depending on the child’s age, the USTA uses modified tennis balls; either red, orange or green. The modified tennis balls bounce lower, move a little slower through the air and are easier to hit, so children can more easily develop fundamental tennis skills. The tennis racquets are sized for small hands, and the courts are smaller and easier to cover. 


Thanks to Smashers tournaments, beginner-level kids are soon rallying and playing with confidence. Twice a month, youth tennis players have the opportunity to play in Smashers Tournaments across Iowa.


03/17/2020: Some of these event have been postponed to a later date in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the USTA's full statement here and check back for updates.


2020 Smashers Tournament Schedule (subject to change—always check with your tennis professional to confirm tournament date)

  • January 10 - Lifetime Athletic (Des Moines)

  • January 10 - Quad City Tennis Club (Moline, IL)

  • February 7 - Quad City Tennis Club (Moline, IL)

  • February 15 - Aspen/Genesis Health Club (Des Moines)

  • March 13 - Quad City Tennis Club (Moline, IL)

  • March 28 - Aspen/Genesis Health Club (Des Moines)

  • April 11 - Black Hawk Tennis Club (Waterloo)

  • April 25 - Aspen/Genesis Health Club (Des Moines)

  • May 2 - Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex (Iowa City)

  • May 16 - Aspen/Genesis Health Club (Des Moines)

  • June 13 - Wakonda Club (Des Moines)

  • June 20 - Black Hawk Tennis Club (Waterloo)

  • July 9 - Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex (Iowa City)

  • July 24 - Des Moines Golf & Country Club (Des Moines)

  • August 1 - Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex (Iowa City)

  • August 15 - Black Hawk Tennis Club (Waterloo)

  • September 12 - Westfield Tennis Club (Cedar Rapids)

  • September 19 - Aspen/Genesis Health Club (Des Moines)

  • October 9 - Lifetime Athletic (Des Moines)

  • October 16 - Quad City Tennis Club (Moline, IL)

  • November 7 - Aspen/Genesis Health Club (Des Moines)

  • November 13 - Quad City Tennis Club (Moline, IL)

  • December 5 - Lifetime Athletic (Des Moines)

  • December 5 - Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex (Iowa City)


For any questions about upcoming youth tournaments, contact Faith Bliss at faithblissusta@gmail.com, Mark Blume at usta.iowa@gmail.com or Tom Jennings tomtennis101@gmail.com.

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