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River Cities Tennis Association Provides Tennis In Clinton

September 01, 2020

The River Cities Tennis Association, based in Clinton, Ia., is dedicated to providing a positive tennis experience for everyone in their community. 


The leadership at the RCTA saw the need for tennis opportunities in their small-town community and started their own tennis programming with the support of the Clinton Parks and Recreation department. Since they officially became a Community Tennis Association four years ago, they’ve been able to expand their programming into the local schools in order to reach more children in their community. 


River Cities Tennis Association is truly open to all who wish to join. 


“We’re all about growing the sport of tennis and making it available to everyone in the community,” said Cindy Rasche, RCTA Head Tennis Professional. “It doesn’t matter your race, finances, or if you have special needs. Everyone is welcome.” 

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A particularly fun way that the RCTA brings tennis to the people of Clinton is through their annual community tennis carnival which has gone on for nearly 40 years.


The event is completely free to attend and invites people from all over Clinton, including from the YMCA and Parks and Rec programs, to come and play—whether they're a high-level tennis player or they've never picked up a racquet before.


Plenty of courts with exciting drills, fun activities to rotate through, candy prizes, obstacle courses, and even a dunk tank can all be found at the yearly carnival.


Though the threat of COVID-19 tried to ruin their carnival plans for this summer, the RCTA adjusted to add safety precautions and the carnival went on without a hitch. 

“It was a delightful two hours of tennis fun,” Rasche said.


The RCTA attributes all of its success to the support of its volunteers. According to Rasche, all of those involved with RCTA have become a team that works together to ensure the growth of the program.

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