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Back to School Partnerships

Kendra Wicks  |  July 23, 2019

Tennis has the potential to be one of the most impactful things in a child’s life. That’s why USTA is proud to work with schools to provide programs and supplies that get young athletes onto the court. 


There are several resources USTA offers to help grow the game in schools. Participating institutions can receive equipment packages that include racquets, balls and other materials, as well as a curriculum for teaching tennis at the K-12 level. Schools also receive live Net Generation Workshops to demonstrate the use of the curriculum in the classroom. These resources are provided at no cost.


Across the state, schools of all shapes and sizes are becoming involved with this Net Generation program. 


“Schools love the program so much that many of them have referred it to other districts,” said Jaren Glaser, Kansas Tennis Service Representative.



Schools also have the opportunity to partner with local community centers to develop Community Tennis Association and National Junior Tennis and Learning programs. These organizations keep kids involved in the game outside of their school.


To put the love of the game in you school, contact Jaren Glaser at 913-967-9929 or glaser@movalley.usta.com.


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