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Topeka Ready For

80th Jayhawk Open

Kendra Wicks  |  April 25, 2019

This summer, Topeka’s Kossover Tennis Complex will host its 80th annual Jayhawk Adult Open from June 7th to 9th. The tournament is a historically prized event within Kansas tennis.


“It has the largest prize money of any tournament in the state,” said Bob Keeshan, President of the Topeka Tennis Association. “It’s the largest tournament and it’s the 80th annual, which is the longest continuous running tournament in the five-state Missouri Valley section.”


The Jayhawk Open distributes $6,000 dollars between the winners of each division. Over 120 local and international competitors entered the competition last year. This year, the tournament will partner with events hosted in Omaha, Kansas City and Wichita in a tournament series.


“This will allow prize money for people who play in those tournaments and we’re hoping it will increase the participation,” Keeshan said.



Players competing in multiple tournaments will accumulate points. The top male and female competitors will receive $500 in prize money.


Anyone with a USTA membership is welcome to register for the event and compete against players of all levels. Top players will be seeded. The Jayhawk Open prides itself on the diverse talent and winners it sees annually.


“We honor those that have won with bricks outside (Kossover). It goes all the way back to the 40’s,” Keeshan said. “The players seem to really like that.”


The tournament has a long history of operation due to its high level of competition, organization and local impact.


“We’ve got a good core of volunteers that help keep it running,” Keeshan said. “It always draws a big crowd.”


The Jayhawk Open is set to run from June 7-9 this year. Click here for registration. 



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