Missouri Valley

MoKanNeb Tournament Series Winner

August 19, 2019

The MoKanNeb Tournament Series successfully completed its second year in operation with St. Louis native and long-time USTA participant Alex Pozo going home as the emerging victor, with a grand prize of $1000. 


The MoKanNeb series consists of four prize money adult tournaments within the Missouri Valley over the span of a month. The four tournaments were held in Omaha (NE) on May 24, Topeka (KS) on June 7, Kansas City (MO) on June 21, and Wichita (KS) on June 22.


“The atmosphere was enjoyable, social, not too serious,” said Pozo. “I liked the idea to get people going around the Valley and get them playing in different cities.”


The overall MoKanNeb series winner must accumulate the most total points from all four combined tournaments based on how each player finishes in each individual tournament. 



To qualify as a grand prize winner, players must play in at least two of the four individual MoKanNeb tournaments, with each additional tournament increasing a player’s chance of winning. 


Of 89 total participants, Pozo rose as the champion. 


Pozo continues to excel in adult tournaments after progressing through USTA Missouri Valley as a youth player, beginning his lifelong tennis career when he was just two or three years old. 


“I grew up in the USTA,” added Pozo. 


His roots are strong within USTA Missouri Valley, as he grew up in St. Louis, relocated to Kansas City, and now finds himself in Wichita, KS. 


After going on to play tennis collegiately at Southern Illinois University and University of Missouri-Kansas City, he now stays involved in the game as a college tennis coach as well as participating in adult tournaments such as the MoKanNeb Summer Series. 

To learn more about adult tournaments or to find a tournament near you, head over to this resource page or contact Scott Howes at howes@movalley.usta.com.


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