2021 NTRP National Championships recap

Victoria Chiesa | May 03, 2021

After a year's hiatus brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NTRP National Championships were back and bigger than ever in April.


This year's event — held at three locations in Surprise, Ariz.; Orlando, Fla. and San Diego, Calif. — boasted nearly 1,200 participants representing a diverse group of USTA sections.


Players competed in 18-and-over and 50-and-over singles and doubles divisions during the weekends of April 9-11 and April 16-18. 


To view the list of full champions, as well as photos from the singles and doubles events, see below.


"With the postponement of the 2020 NTRP Nationals, the USTA and NTRP National Tournament Directors were focused on providing a safe and competitive environment for the 2021 NTRP Nationals this year," said Milagros Sequera-Huss, USTA manager for adult tournaments and tournament director for the 50-and-over singles event at the USTA National Campus in Orlando. 

"The main goal was to provide an opportunity to play for those who missed out in 2020, while increasing the draw sizes to include 2020 and 2021 qualifiers. Overall, it was a success being able to host safe and competitive events across three different cities, and we were thrilled to have such enthusiastic participation."


The USTA launched the championships in 2018 for 18-&-over and 50-&-over age groups, leveraging the rating system that ranks adult players numerically on their tennis-playing ability from the beginner 1.5 to the professional-caliber 7.0.


Accounting for adjustments made as a result of the suspension of competitive play for much of 2020, players were eligible to qualify for the event based on their year-end NTRP rating from the past three years.

2021 NTRP National Championships Singles Photo Gallery

2021 NTRP Singles and Doubles Champions

18+ Singles

Men's 3.0: Gustavo Lopez (Pacific Northwest)

Men's 3.5: Jonathan Ip (Pacific Northwest)

Men's 4.0: Adam Peterson (Intermountain)

Men's 4.5: Connor Sims (Texas)

Men's 5.0: Sergio Ramirez (Southern)

Women's 3.0: Jessica Peers (NorCal)

Women's 3.5: Kerri Robison (Florida)

Women's 4.0: Juana Luneau (New England)

Women's 4.5: Allison Pavlansky (Southwest)

50+ Singles

Men's 3.0: Ozzie Diaz (Florida)

Men's 3.5: Chris Carlton (Mid-Atlantic)

Men's 4.0: Matt Bartell (Northern)

Men's 4.5: Rob Strasberg (SoCal)

Women's 3.0: Carolyn Moore (Florida)

Women's 3.5: Trish Arreazola (Midwest)

Women's 4.0: Cecilia Collins (Florida)

Women's 4.5: Jami Patterson (Midwest)

50+ Doubles

Men's 3.0: M. Mensoza/D. Stein (SoCal)

Men's 3.5: David Humphrey/David Moore (Southern)

Men's 4.0: John Broome/Mark Rogers (Texas)

Men's 4.5: Brant Benun/Rob Stone (SoCal)

Women's 3.0: Jennie Parker/Cathy Soohoo (NorCal)

Women's 3.5: Susie Alvarez/Angie Crawford (SoCal)

Women's 4.0: Yoko Newburg/Nahed Stefany (NorCal)

Women's 4.5: Kristi Alva/Brianna Sullivan (SoCal)

18+ Doubles

Men's 3.0: Casey Tjalsma/Patrick Van Tuinen (Michigan)

Men's 3.5: Victor Betancourt/John Ford (Pacific Northwest)

Men's 4.0: Anil Vootkur/Jeffrey Chan (SoCal)

Men's 4.5: Matt Stevenson/Alan Trubow (Texas)

Men's 5.0: David Moss/Michael Rardon (Intermountain)

Women's 3.0: Shaunna Reynolds/Layne Walker (Texas)

Women's 3.5: Savannah Bryson/Ashli Urano (Texas)

Women's 4.0: Roseann McAlister/Christine Watson (Texas)

Women's 4.5: Taunya Davis/Allison Pavlansky (Southwest)


2021 NTRP National Championships Doubles Photo Gallery

For more photos from the 2021 NTRP National Championships, click here.


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