Apply for the Adaptive Tennis

Grant Today! 

Erin Maher  |  March 1, 2019

The Adaptive Tennis grant application is now open. The deadline to apply is April 29. The application with full instructions can be accessed by clicking here


The qualifications for the grants are the following: 


  1. You must be a registered adaptive program of the USTA in the United States. (Programs that are exclusively for wheelchair participants are best served by the USTA Wheelchair Committee.) A link to register if you have not already done so is included.
  2. You must have been in existence a minimum of one year.


Grants are to assist in the promotion, implementation and/or growth of the programs at the community level. They range from $400 to $4,000. Recipients will be selected by a committee consisting of USTA staff and volunteers on the USTA National Adaptive Committee who are eager to support your group. ADVERTISEMENT Last year, seven programs, like the one for the visually impaired in Laredo, Texas, were selected and benefited from our grants. Apply soon!


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