Nick Snow  |  September 23, 2017

The middle day of play at the 2017 USTA Junior Team Tennis 14U National Championships, hosted at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, Fla., turned into a late-night marathon as consistent rain throughout the afternoon forced the majority of the playoff matches to be contested on the facility’s six indoor courts. The final ball was struck as the clock approached midnight.

In the end, the entirety of Saturday’s schedule, which began with the final round of flight play followed by all playoff semifinals, was completed, setting up the tournament’s last 16 matches to be contested on Sunday.

Highlighting those matchups will be the two championship tilts. In the Advanced division, Southern California (OC Dream Team, pictured above) and Texas (ATA Dream Team) are set to face off. The Intermediate finale will see Northern California (Cal Tennis Club The Council) and Southern (BC Legends) clash for the divisional crown.

After coming through their respective flights with less than 60 games surrendered in three dual matches, both Dream Teams were dominant in the Advanced semifinals. ADVERTISEMENT The ATA Dream Team was up against Flight C winner Mid-Atlantic (Tuckahoe Eagles) but faced little resistance in moving on to the final by a margin of 57-29. They swept through both singles courts, losing a total of eight games in four sets. The Tuckahoe Eagles managed to tough out a match tiebreak to claim the boys’ doubles, but that would end up being the only court they even earned one set on, as the ATA Dream Team took care of the girls’ doubles and mixed doubles in straight sets.

The other semifinal was a dual between the OC Dream Team and Flight B representative Missouri Valley (MAC). Not only did the OC Dream Team take all five courts, but they did not give away a single set in the process, handily securing the victory 60-26. Only three of the 10 sets played were 6-4 or closer.

In the Intermediate semifinals, the BC Legends outlasted Southern California (Sunshine Aces G7), while Cal Tennis Club The Council took care of Texas (ATA Devastators).


The BC Legends split the two singles courts with the Sunshine Aces G7, winning the boys’ matchup in two tight sets and dropping a one-sided girls’ affair. They were able to come through victorious in straight sets in boys’ doubles along with in a girls’ doubles match tiebreak. With just the mixed doubles left, the two squads split sets, sending the court into what ended up being a decisive match tiebreak. With the Sunshine Aces G7 holding a 47-46 lead in the overall team score, the BC Legends faced a must-win scenario. And win they did, staying alive to force a winner-take-all mixed doubles tiebreak, which they also owned to move into the championship round by the slimmest of margins, 48-47.

Involving less drama was Cal Tennis Club The Council’s 54-36 triumph over the ATA Devastators, but it was not as easy as the final margin might indicate. The Northern California team got off to a blazing start, posting a 6-0, 6-0 result in boys’ singles; it also won the girls’ singles, which split sets. Both doubles courts would split as well, with the ATA Devastators winning the boys’ and Cal Tennis Club The Council taking the girls’. The team victory would be sealed with a convincing 6-2, 6-3 score line in mixed doubles.

All of Sunday’s matches will get underway at 8 a.m., with each dual being played on two courts.

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1-4 Playoff Results (Championship Semifinals)
Texas (ATA Dream Team) def. Mid-Atlantic (Tuckahoe Eagles) 57-29
Southern California (OC Dream Team) def. Missouri Valley (MAC) 60-26

5-8 Playoff Results
Caribbean (Torrimar) def. Eastern (NYJTL) 46-45
Northern (Fridley) def. Texas WC (Dallas Select) 54-26

9-12 Playoff Results
Midwest (Team Columbus) def. Middles States (Delaware Nightmare) 47-43
Southern (Atlanta Smashers) def. Northern California (YTA McLaren Park) 59-27


13-16 Playoff Results
Pacific Northwest (Club Green Meadows) def. Hawaii Pacific (Mililani 10s Kidz) 56-27
Southern WC (Baby Got Backhand) def. New England (Sippican) 58-23




Flight A (games won-lost)
Southern California (OC Dream Team): 167-55
Northern (Fridley): 148-78
Northern California (YTA McLaren Park): 86-145
Southern WC (Baby Got Backhand): 53-176

Flight B (games won-lost)
Missouri Valley (MAC): 163-93
Texas WC (Dallas Select): 148-103
Southern (Atlanta Smashers): 134-115
New England (Sippican): 39-173


Flight C (games won-lost)
Mid-Atlantic (Tuckahoe Eagles): 169-96
Eastern (NYJTL): 131-125
Midwest (Team Columbus): 119-145
Pacific Northwest (Club Green Meadows): 101-154


Flight D (games won-lost)
Texas (ATA Dream Team): 165-59
Caribbean (Torrimar): 135-105
Middle States (Delaware Nightmare): 111-137
Hawaii Pacific (Mililani 10s Kidz): 62-172




1-4 Playoff Results (Championship Semifinals)
Southern (BC Legends) def. Southern California (Sunshine Aces G7) 48-47
Northern California (Cal Tennis Club The Council) def. Texas (ATA Devastators) 54-36


5-8 Playoff Results
Caribbean (Top Spinners) def. Midwest (West Indy Aces) 51-31
New England (MadRackets) def. Middle States (Radley Run) 56-25


9-12 Playoff Results
Southwest (Tanoan) def. Eastern (Liverpool Lightning Bolts) 47-31


13-16 Playoff Results
Pacific Northwest (K-Town Ballers) def. Mid-Atlantic (4Star Junior Aces) 43-41
Northern (Burnsville) def. Missouri Valley (Tucker Tennis Academy) 52-44




Flight A (games won-lost)
Northern California (Cal Tennis Club The Council): 176-72
New England (MadRackets): 156-108
Florida (Miami Tornadoes): 107-148
Missouri Valley (Tucker Tennis Academy): 65-176


Flight B (games won-lost)
Texas (ATA Devastators): 157-91
Middle States (Radley Run): 146-113
Hawaii Pacific (Waialae Iki 5 White Stars): 113-145
Northern (Burnsville): 87-154


Flight C (games won-lost)

Southern (BC Legends): 166-98
Midwest (West Indy Aces): 148-124
Southwest (Tanoan): 134-134
Pacific Northwest (K-Town Ballers): 83-175


Flight D (games won-lost)
Southern California (Sunshine Aces G7): 159-103
Caribbean (Top Spinners): 140-113
Eastern (Liverpool Lightning Bolts): 110-146
Mid-Atlantic (4Star Junior Aces): 101-148



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