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Mixed 18 & Over Districts Results

James Maimonis, Communications and Engagement Coordinator  |  June 28, 2017

Summer USTA New England League Championship Season Commences with Mixed 18 & Over Districts


WESTBOROUGH, MA- USTA New England’ summer League championship play kicked off from June 24-25 with Mixed 18 & Over Districts at three sites north of Boston. Bass River Tennis Club, Woburn Racquet Club and Winchester Tennis Club hosted 76 teams over two days all vying for that coveted Sectionals berth.


Nineteen flight winners along with 13 wild card teams from the 8.0 and 7.0 NTRP ratings advanced to Sectional play from July7-9 in Western Massachusetts.


The advancing teams are as follows:


8.0 Flight Winners


ME- RFC; Full Metal 8s; Podnecky

EMA- PAX Shank Tank; Balek/Sheikh

EMA- Shrewsbury; Terpko

EMA- Weymouth; Stansbury/Stansbury

ECT- MIS: Schlink

NH- Great Bay; Parsons

NH- Keene; Porowski/Page

WMA- Swingers 18; Whitaker/Lee

WMA- Deuces Wild; Andretta/Creer



8.0 Wild Cards


VT- ESB/Net Force One; Strausser/Bouyeau

SCT- MIDD Court Jesters O Donnell

RI- RP Brazenor

EMA- Cedardale Red; Locari

EMA- BWEL Green; Dupont; Canning

SCT- SHIP Biele/Smey

EMA- Dedham Swingers; Glass/Damm


7.0 Flight Winners


NCT- FF;Double Vision;Song

EMA- BSC Lexington Green;Carey

RI- RP: You've Been Served/Werchadlo

WMA- Alley Oops; Callan; Sullivan

EMA- Dedham;Campbell/Leveille

EMA- Willows; Kalajian

SCT- Sol Chip ‘n Charge; Law

EMA- Adirondack Green: Rochon

RI- EB: L’Europa

EMA- Winchester;Maguire/McHugh


7.0 Wild Cards


SCT- Guil Lucky Sevens Fasulo

RI- EB: Garceau/Okeefe

EMA- Lakeville Blue: Benoit

SCT- INT Mixed Margaritas Overley

EMA- Longfellow; Gochenous

SCT- Midd All Mixed Up Islam


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