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usta League Championships Kick Off With Mixed 18 & Over Districts

James Maimonis, Communications and Engagement Coordinator  |  June 28, 2018

WESTBOROUGH, MA- The New England USTA League championship season is officially underway. The summer championships commenced with the Mixed 18 & Over Districts from June 22-24 at three sites in Eastern Massachusetts. Bass River Tennis Club, Woburn Racquet Club and Winchester Tennis Club hosted 80 teams contending for 32 coveted spots at Sectionals from July 13-15.

Teams in both the 7.0 and 8.0 NTRP levels were broken up into flights of four, with winners receiving an automatic bid to Mixed 18 & Over Sectionals. They will be joining the 6.0, 9.0 and 10.0 teams which qualified through regular season play.

In addition to the 20 total fight winners, six wild card teams from each level have advanced. Sectionals will be held from July 13-15 at three sites in Western Massachusetts/Northern Connecticut.



Click here for full results from Districts.

Below are the teams advancing to Mixed 18 & Over Sectionals:


Flight Winners

WTC Winchester Green; Maguire/McHugh
Wilows; Kalajian
EB; L’Europa
DED MFW; Kittredge/Rosselli-Risal
MRC All Mixed Up; Islam
DED Dedham; Leveille
LS; Sherman Ash II; Ash-Sherman
MR; Wallace Bros; Palmer/Bradway
THO Thoreau; Webster
ADI Adirodnack Green; Rochon/Rochon


Wild Cards

GRN Greendale Bluw; Cawley
MITC Marion AKC’s; Feeney/Wells
RP; Kinnibergh/Labelle
FF; Double Shots; Buth
FF; Spinners; Suttmeier
BLEX BSC LexingtonStrokers; Carey



Flight Winners

CED Cedardale; Licari
WESB WESB Full Circle; O’Leary/Seifert
SIMS; Simsmore; Corallo
FRC; OverServed; Morton
Guilford Hawk Eyes; Schwartz
RFC; Timinators; Lacombe/Butler
DED DednBury; Leveille/Terpko
BAY; Swingers; Whitaker
Lakeville; Anthony/Pereira
WEY; Weymouth; Stansbury/Stansbury


Wild Cards

BWAC; Deuces Wild; Andretta-Creer
RFC; Mainiacs; Cohan/Dwyer
RP; Harris/Marcello
Four Seasons; Biele/Smey
LS; Shore Thing; Schlink
RP; Steere


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