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Volunteer Spotlight - Scott Steinberg

Alex Hinckley, Director of Marketing  |  April 28, 2017

Cumberland, ME - The President and CEO of USTA New England is the highest role a volunteer can hold at the organization. The position is tasked with leading the Board of Directors to hire the Executive Director (if needed) and to lead the board members through strategic planning throughout a three year term. Scott Steinberg has held the position since January 2015.


“I truly enjoy working with our Board of Directors. The nominating committee put together a terrific group for 2015-17 that is 50% first-timers, so we have a mix of new voices and experienced members. I also enjoy working with our executive director, Matt Olson, and his very talented and hard-working staff.”


Scott’s first taste of tennis volunteering came years ago when he was recruited to volunteer for the Maine Tennis Association (MTA) by his USTA League Captain. ADVERTISEMENT Since then, he has held many positions at the MTA, USTA New England and USTA National. 


Those volunteer positions include:

• Maine State Delegate for USTA New England

• Treasurer of USTA New England

• Vice President of USTA New England

• Council Chair for USTA 

• Chair of the Nominating Committee at USTA

• Chair of the National Advisory Group on Committees (tasked with advising the USTA President on national committee appointees)


On top of all his volunteer work for the sport, Scott is the Dean of Admissions at the University of New England where he is responsible for admission into both undergraduate and graduate programs. For him, his volunteer role and professional career have a lot in common.


“Being a dean is like being a volunteer -- you have more “influence” than “control”. If you want to get something done at a university, you’re often partnering with people outside of your immediate area, and need to seek common ground for success. Similarly, as a tennis volunteer, I partner with fellow volunteers and staff in search of common ground as we look to grow the game. Both positions have been great learning experiences. Communication – and especially listening – is key.  


The self-proclaimed ‘tennis nut’ is never too far from a court himself. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his two teenage daughters whose tennis skills are on the continual rise. His philosophy on the court with them is taken after the great Vic Braden, with humor, who advised parents to never take it easy on their kids on the tennis courts, as they’ll be beating you soon enough and you’ll want something good to remember.


2017 is Scott’s last year as President and CEO of USTA New England and it’s a role he has thoroughly relished. “I have really benefited from the opportunity to meet many people throughout New England who are dedicated to tennis –players of all ages, teaching pros, coaches, and fellow volunteers. I especially enjoy seeing New Englanders recognized at our annual awards ceremony, as well as at the USTA New England Hall of Fame.”



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