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Bentley Commit Connor Aulson- What’s in your Bag?

James Maimonis, Communications and Engagement Coordinator  |  April 25, 2017

GROVELAND, MA- Connor Aulson is a senior at Pentucket Regional High School in West Newbury, MA where he captains and plays first singles on his varsity tennis team. He is also the coach and captain of the 18U Advanced JTT team, the North Shore Legends, which represented New England at JTT Nationals last year.

Connor has committed to attend Bentley University in the fall, where he will be part of the Honors Program as well as the men’s tennis team.

Connor took the time to give USTA New England a special look inside his tennis bag, which has a few items you might not expect. 


Explain the significance of the JTT Towels in your bag

The red JTT Finalist towel was from Sectionals of our second season coaching and playing on the North Shore Legends 18U, where we missed out of Nationals by a matter of games. ADVERTISEMENT The blue JTT towel was from Nationals last season. Together, the towels remind me that with hard work and passion, I can accomplish any goal I set for myself. 


Who is the framed photo of?

The photo is of my grandparents from my mother’s side. I keep it in my bag because my grandmother was the main reason for why I play tennis today. She was a huge contributing factor to getting me started in tennis when I was young and always helped my parents with driving me to and from my tennis lessons.


Is that a stuffed animal in there?

The turtle stuffed animal is more of a good luck charm. It was one of the things I won with one of my great friends at an arcade at Foxwoods one time, where we stayed one night during one of our tennis tournaments.

Please explain the ping pong set

My portable ping pong set is essential to keep in my bag because I never know when I am going to need to challenge any of my friends! I also have some really cool ping pong balls my great friend gave to me.

Do you play cards in between matches?

I have a total of five decks of playing cards in my bag, mainly because I love card games and magic tricks. I’m not the best magician, but I certainly know some pretty cool tricks. My favorite card games are probably Presidents, 500 Rummy, Aruba and Cribbage. I also have a deck of Chinese playing cards, which was given to me by my other great friend when he visited China (in addition to cool chopsticks and dice).

How often do you use your inhaler on the court?

When I was younger, my asthma was really bad, inhibiting me from playing tennis. It would get worse with seasonal changes, exposure to things I was allergic to and exercise in general, and I used to need to my nebulizer a few times everyday. I also have been hospitalized numerous times because of asthma attacks. Even though my asthma acts up less often than what it used to, I always keep my AeroChamber and my inhaler in my bag just in case I need them.

Finally, why the three tennis balls?

The three tennis balls I keep in my bag are not really for playing purposes, as they have more sentimental value to me. The white tennis ball was from the Edgartown Yacht Club on Martha’s Vineyard (I also keep a spare hat from the EYC in my bag), the nicest tennis facility I’ve ever been to, where my friends and I visit every summer. The JTT tennis ball was from my team’s first match at Nationals this past year, and so it obviously is tremendously special to me. The last ball is the first tennis ball I ripped during one of my matches, which I’ve kept in my bag longer than anything else.


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