New England

Juniors Capture December

L4 Doubles Titles

Andrew Higginbottom, Sports Marketing Intern  |  December 7, 2018

WESTBOROUGH, MA- Junior boys and girls competed in the December L4 Super Six Doubles Championships at two different clubs in New England from December 1-2.


The East Hartford Racquet Club in East Hartford, CT hosted the Boys’ and Girls’ 18s and 16s matches. The top-seeded duo of Casey Kania and Nicholas Vroman upended the No. 2 team of Derek Shen and Michael Karr, 8-3, to capture the Boys’ 18s title. Kania and Vroman added an additional championship by taking home the Boys’ 16s title after defeating Sam Feldman and Walker Oberg, 8-2, in the final.


No. 1 seeds Page Freeman and Lexi Kubas won the championship in the Girls’ 18s tournament after an 8-4 win against sisters Jayme and Kayla Leschly. In the Girls’ 16s, Mary Stoiana and Samantha Svendsen defeated Emily Parkerson and Sahana Raman, 8-3, to win the championship.



The Boys’ and Girls’ 14s and 12s draws were held at the Weymouth Club in Weymouth, MA. No. 1 seeds in Boys’ 14s, Kostas Kolias and Sreeman Lakshmanan, defeated No. 2 seeds Dylan Koziol and Jayanth Devaiah, 8-6, to win the championship. Top-seeded duo of Kaiaitz Mendibe and Trip Wight beat Coleman Merce and Wesley Nichols to capture the Boys’ 12s title.


On the girls’ side, No. 1 seeds Anna Nguyen and Madeleine Swire defeated Oziera Ahmad and Caroline Stuhlfaut, 8-6, to win the Girls’ 14s, while Sydney Jara and Mariana Shulman upended Brooklyn Bindas and Isabella Camacho, 8-2, to win the Girls’ 12s championship.

See complete results and scores below:


Boys' and Girls’ 18s and 16s Doubles

East Hartford Racquet Club

Tournament Director- Robert Dean


Boys' 18s Doubles


F- (1) Kania/Vroman d. (2) Karr/Shen  8-3

PL- (3) Kania/Rhinelander d. (4) Bodrog/Salamon  8-2

SF- (2) Karr/Shen d. (3) Kania/Rhinelander  8-6

SF- (1) Kania/Vroman d. (4) Bodrog/Salamon  8-1




CS- Feldman/Mao d. Campbell/Oberg  8-2

CS- Israel/Schwartz d. Breuker/Schwartz  8-4

CQ- Feldman/Mao d. Kahler/McCandless  8-4

CQ- Campbell/Oberg d. ILIE/Soifer  8-1


Boys' 16s Doubles


F- (1) Kania/Vroman d. (2) Feldman/Oberg  8-2

PL- Israel/Schwartz d. Georgs/Hamilton  8-2

SF- (2) Feldman/Oberg d. Georgs/Hamilton  8-5

SF- (1) Kania/Vroman d. Israel/Schwartz  8-3




CS- Breuker/Visser d. (3) Bogdanovic/Kaluzhny  8-5

CS- Johnson/Wang d. Nguyen/Piacentini  8-1

CQ- Breuker/Visser d. Fuffo/Kanz  8-2

CQ- (3) Bogdanovic/Kaluzhny d. Rose/Zhang  8-4


Girls' 18s Doubles


F- (1) Freeman/Kubas d. (2) Leschly/Leschly  8-4

PL- (4) Gallo/Schulson d. Dewire/Zhang  8-1

SF- (2) Leschly/Leschly d. Dewire/Zhang  9-7

SF- (1) Freeman/Kubas d. (4) Gallo/Schulson  8-5




CS- Stoiana/Svendsen d. Coleman/Cornelissen  8-0

CS- Parkerson/Raman d. DeLuca/DiMaio  Wo (ill)

CQ- Coleman/Cornelissen d. Farhat/Mariotti  8-5

CQ- Stoiana/Svendsen d. Ballarin/May  8-4


Girls' 16s Doubles


F- (3) Stoiana/Svendsen d. Raman/Parkerson  8-3

PL- (2) Hailey/Poor d. (1) Almy/Zhang  8-3

SF- Raman/Parkerson d. (2) Hailey/Poor  8-6

SF- (3) Stoiana/Svendsen d. (1) Almy/Zhang  8-2




CS- Driscoll/Robbins d. Prudente/Swire  8-2

CS- (4) Buckhout/McPherron d. Farhat/DeLuca  8-2

CQ- Prudente/Swire d. Beslic/Guermazi  8-1

CQ- Driscoll/Robbins d. Nguyen/Singh  8-4



Boys' and Girls’ 14s and 12s Doubles

Weymouth Club

Tournament Director- Dianne Heinold


Boys’ 14s Doubles


F- (1) Kollias/Lakshmanan d. (2) Devaiah/Kozi  8-6

PL- Mendibe/Wight d. (3) Oberg/Oberg  8-4

SF- (2) Devaiah/Koziol d. Mendibe/Wight  8-3

SF- (1) Kollias/Lakshmanan d. (3) Oberg/Oberg  8-4




CS- Collomb/Cooper d. Hovorka/Lublinsky  8-3

CS- Jones/Lorenzetti d. Coleman/Neal  8-4

CQ- Collomb/Cooper d. Karagozyan/Nemalapuri  8-0

CQ- Hovorka/Lublinsky d. (4) Henderson/zhang  8-5


Boys' 12s Doubles


F- (1) Mendibe/Wight d. (2) Merce/Nichols  8-4

PL- Fayerman/Frias d. (4) Mountford/Oberg  5-2Ret (pc)

SF- (2) Merce/Nichols d. Fayerman/Frias  8-3

SF- (1) Mendibe/Wight d. (4) Mountford/Oberg  8-3



CS- Bodet/Gilligan d. (3) Medina/Roake  8-4

CS- PHIMVONGSA/Smith d. Portilla/Stepanyan  8-5

CQ- Bodet/Gilligan d. Greene/Lee  8-0

CQ- (3) Medina/Roake d. Chari/Schultz  8-3


Girls' 14s Doubles


F- (1) Nguyen/Swire d. (3) Ahmad/Stuhlfaut  8-6

PL- Beveridge/Esposito Cogan d. Bindas/Chari  8-1

SF- (3) Ahmad/Stuhlfaut d. Beveridge/Esposito Cogan  8-4

SF- (1) Nguyen/Swire d. Bindas/Chari  8-1




CS- Camacho/Shulman d. (4) Durkin/Strickland  8-4

CS- (2) Diop/Sun d. Caffyn-Parsons/Cutone  8-1

CQ- Camacho/Shulman d. Vutukur/Zilora  8-4

CQ- (4) Durkin/Strickland d. Connerly/Golhar  8-4


Girls' 12s Doubles


F- (1) Jara/Shulman d. (2) Bindas/Camacho  8-2

PL- (3) Sicignano/Zink d. (4) Driscoll/Koziol  8-4

SF- (2) Bindas/Camacho d. (3) Sicignano/Zink  8-0

SF- (1) Jara/Shulman d. (4) Driscoll/Koziol  8-0




CS- Lee/Zhang d. Kimball/Lantsman  8-4

CS- Connerly/Golhar d. Ahlberg/Tan  8-2

CQ- Lee/Zhang d. Best/Muhunthan  8-5

CQ- Kimball/Lantsman d. Moe/Swire  8-5


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