New England

High School Senior Spotlight

James Maimonis, Manager, Media & Communications | May 29, 2020

New England Class of 2020 High School Senior Spotlight


WESTBOROUGH, MA- While outdoor courts throughout New England are beginning to reopen, schools and school sports remain closed through the remainder of the school year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


The majority of high school tennis teams should be nearing the ends of their spring seasons, and seniors should be enjoying the final days and weeks with their teammates leading up to graduation, however the reality has become virtual schooling and no organized tennis.


USTA New England wants to help give its senior tennis players a proper sendoff, so we asked their high school coaches for a little help.  


If you see a name of a school or seniors who are missing from this list, please email James Maimonis: for inclusion.


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Congratulations to the Class of 2020!


Seniors are listed below by state with special notes from their high school coach.




Branford High School (Boys)


Coach: Matt Fraenza




Eli Hanlon- Eli is a captain and four-year letter player, who not only enjoys playing but cares if others are having fun liking the sport as well. He is a great teammate to younger players and very trustworthy as an individual, we will truly miss Eli.


Jaden Andresen- Jaden is a captain who played four years, has the most energy on court you will see, excited to do well and has determination to never give up in tough matches. 


Jason Hackett- Jason is a captain who played all four years, learned the game of tennis as a Freshman and is the quiet leader of the team.  He is a very smart player never giving up mistakes on court making him a tough player to beat.


Fairfield Prep (Boys)


Coach: Harold Prather




Kyle Barry- Kyle is a four-year letterman, team Tri-Captain for 2020, #2 doubles team for class LL state tournament in 2019.


Ethan Fabro- Ethan is a four-year letterman, team Tri-Captain for 2020 and anchored the #1 doubles team in 2019 that was seeded 9th in the class LL tournament. 


John Godino- John is a four-year letterman, team Tri-Captain for 2020 and nominated for SCC Conference Scholar Athlete in 2020.


Max Fuligni- Max is a two-year letterman and co-MVP for the team in 2019 .


Patrick Kelly- Patrick is a four-year letterman, three-sport athlete at Fairfield Prep, solid doubles starter for the past two years.


Will Weinbach- Will is a two-year letterman, transferred into Prep in 2019 from California, and played primarily at #2-4 singles for us throughout the year and in the class LL tournament.


Sacred Heart Academy (Hamden) (Girls)


Coach: Nils Leblang




Anne Mackey- Anne was a four-year varsity player working up to number 1 doubles in her junior year and senior year . This year, Anne earned the SCC Scholar Athlete Award. Anne also helps in my CTA clinics and is very good with students in red ball programs.


Sheehan High School (Girls)


Coach: Doug Sime




Grace Waldron- A four-year player for Sheehan, this senior captain and two sport athlete (tennis and soccer), provided leadership and has been a major influencer, bringing girls from other sports onto the tennis team and strengthening it, and along the way was All-Division II last year with many singles victories in her Sheehan tennis career. 


Caroline Dighello- A three-year doubles player for Sheehan, this senior captain and two sport athlete (tennis and basketball), provided leadership and played solid doubles for Sheehan winning many matches in her Sheehan career.


Crystal Gallagher- A four-year player for Sheehan, showed her versatility last season when, after playing doubles for 2 1/2 years, she was moved to singles and was the catalyst for the team going on a winning streak allowing them to qualify for the state team tournament. 


Allyssa Cassella- A four-year player for Sheehan and two sport athlete (tennis and cross country), her quiet disposition belies her tenacity on the tennis court, chalking up countless wins in her Sheehan tennis career, and several times, as the last individual match on the court, had clutch wins to allow Sheehan to prevail. 


Rhode Island


Barrington High School (Boys)


Coach- Betsy Brenner




Owen Voigt- Owen is a First Team All-State player and would have been captain this year. An outstanding singles player and true leader.


Lucas Johnson- Lucas won last year’s Individual State Doubles Championships.


Kevin Zhu- KEvin is a great competitor who contributed to the team’s success as a starting doubles player since his freshman year.


Matthew Brenner- (My son) Matthew contributed many doubles wins since freshman year and always gave 100 percent in practice and matches.


Andrew Barton- Andrew is an outstanding swimmer who switched to tennis every spring and won several matches for the Eagles.


Aidan O’Neill- Aidan is a quiet supporter of his teammates and a truly nice guy.


Mark Sapolsky- Mark is a well-liked member of the team with a great sense of humor.


Lincoln High School (Boys)


Coach: Matt Pavao




Ryan Fish- Ryan is always upbeat and tirelessly pushed himself to be better.


Ana Vygoder- Ana is a great kid who took on the challenge of playing on the boys team and never backed down from a challenge.


Narragansett High School (Girls)

Coach: Allan Freedman 




Nicole Dougherty- Nicole is a co-captain, 3rd singles, great leader and student role model. 


Erin McGrath- Erin is a co-captain, selfless strong leader and team motivator.


Alexander Shaw- Alexander played fourth singles and won team sportsmanship honors and most improved.


Celia Durkin- Celia played second doubles and picked up a key win to place the team in the quarterfinals.


Cape Elizabeth High School (Boys)


Coach: Andrew Strout




Alex Hansen- Alex is a very accomplished musician, athlete, scholar, teammate and "coaches dream.”


Maximo Kesselhault- Maximo is a scholar who brings the mental part of the game to light!


Matt Clark- Matt loves the game of tennis and his humor keeps the team in stitches.


Cony High School (Boys)


Coach: Tom Hinds




Ian Harden- Ian is a co-captain and four-year varsity player, # 1 academically in his senior class.


Calvin Dacus- Calvin is a co-captain and four-year varsity player.


Joshua Wroten- Joshua is a four-year player and fantastic teammate.


Deering High School (Girls)


Coach: Marcia Weeks




Sarah Wriggins- Sarah has been our number one singles player and team captain for three of her four years on varsity. She leads the team with spirit, grace and fierce determination!


Minka Ineza- Minka is welcoming and friendly: she always invites people to play with her after practice and inspires the team with her positive energy.


Claire Sheehy- Claire is a strong tennis player and has pushed through many tough matches with her resilience and spirit.


Katy Flores- Katy is an extremely hard worker and a pleasure to be with on the court, she never complains and is always smiling.


Jessica Ross- Jess livens up any court she is on with her positivity, smile, and hard work.


Johan Sija- Johan is a strong net player and has improved so much because of her perseverance.


Falmouth High School (Girls)


Cocah: Lori Poulin




Meredith Kelley- Our fearless (yes fearless after she pulled out the W while down one set and her team tied at 2-2 to pull off our 11th straight state title) leader at the #1 singles spot! My singles state tourney prediction was that she were playing on Monday (semis/finals day) this year! 


Sara Fallon- Our #2 singles player (who would have been at the #1 spot at most other schools) went undefeated last year. She, too, would have been a singles contender.


Mia McHugh- Mia was my solid doubles player who improved every year! This could have been her year to move to that third singles spot - her amazing grace, will and attitude made her so coachable!


Lucy Holland- Lucy played doubles where she combined her technical tennis skills with her athleticism and this was her year to shine - challenge ladders wee going to be interesting because of her skills


Kelly Yoon- Kelly was such a good athlete and musician that tennis took a back seat so she just wanted to play JV; given everything she had going on i am so proud of her because even in her senior year she wanted to play and support the team!


Lewiston High School (Girls)


Coach- Anita Murphy



Molly Chicoine- Molly (who is my granddaughter), has made a huge contribution to the team. She played doubles with both Maddy & Rosslyn & was a positive partner with both of them. She ended last season undefeated.

Madeline Foster- Maddy is a multi-talented athlete who clinched the 3rd. point to give us the state championship last season. She played both singles & doubles for the team.

She has received many awards for her contributions as a three-sport athlete.

Roslyn Wailus- Rosslyn also ended her season last year as going undefeated. She has a strong desire to succeed and is a very serious player with great focus.

Lincoln Academy (Girls)


Coaches: Melissa Burroughs & Liliana Thelander




Sandra Thelander- Sandra’s upbeat and positive attitude helped the team come together and be a fun place for everybody; she was versatile had no problem playing singles or doubles.


Anastasiya Oliver- Anastasiya’s dedication and focused hard work really paid off in our doubles team’s successes.


North Yarmouth Academy (Girls)


Coaches: Gavin Glider (Former coach & contributor)

Lorena Coffin (New coach)




Afton Morton- Afton has been the MVP of the team throughout her high school career playing first singles for four years, serving as captain for several years, earning the 6th seed in her regional qualifying area, and being a constant role model for all of the girls in the program.


Abbigail Fournier- Since coming to NYA as a junior, Abbigail has established herself as one of the hardest workers on the tennis court showing all of the girls what passion and dedication looks like.


Katie Blanc- Katie's love of the game and her team always shined on the tennis court as she modeled sportsmanship, dedication, and passion throughout the season and during her work as a student helper with the middle school team.

Portland High School (Girls)


Coaches: Bonnie Moran (Former coach & contributor)

Gavin Glider (New coach)




Erin Chadbourne- Erin is an inclusive and natural leader and was poised to be an outstanding captain this year. She is a very versatile player. Her solid volley and reliable overhead, skills she honed as a doubles player, aided her in her transition to singles. She most likely would have played #2 this season. One highlight of her HS career occurred during the 2018 postseason semifinals against TA. She and partner Rose Watson, as sophomores, survived two match points before winning the final four games to avenge a regular season loss and advance the team to the Class A South Final.


Rose Watson- Rose was destined to become a remarkable captain because of her friendly and responsible nature. She is a powerful player who, when playing with confidence, has a serve and groundstrokes that are sometimes unreturnable. A doubles specialist in the past, she would likely have played singles this year. She and Erin Chadbourne were a formidable doubles team, partly due to their mutual support. Their HS tennis highlight was propelling the team to the Class A South Final in 2018 by defeating TA, reversing a regular season loss. They came from behind and survived two match points, then won four consecutive games to secure the 3-2 team win.


Leo Fuller- Leo made great strides over three years, primarily due to her desire and determination to become a better player. She often stayed after practice for extra coaching and additional hitting time and it paid off. She developed solid strokes which enabled her to become a dependable varsity doubles player. She would have continued to benefit the team this season with her doubles skills.


Nicola Seavey- Nicola is a natural athlete which allowed her to quickly develop strokes, technique and strategy. She is definitely at the point where she would have contributed positively to the team as a varsity doubles player this season, which she clearly displayed during the SMAA doubles tournament last year. She is well on her way to becoming the tennis player she is capable of being.


Dora Chaison-Lapine- Dora worked hard to master the fundamentals of tennis and made steady improvement year after year. More important, she truly enjoys playing, both singles and doubles, and is a fun and engaged partner. It is very likely that she would have played some varsity doubles this season.


Sydney Robinson- Sydney progressed steadily over her years playing tennis. She has mastered the fundamentals and that, along with her obvious enjoyment of the sport and the connection with others that it affords her, will enable her to continue to play into adulthood.


Loyde Vumpa- Loyde is a natural athlete, strong, with excellent hand/eye coordination. She quickly developed classic strokes and when she focused on controlling her power to increase her consistency, she became a tough opponent. She has the potential to make great strides quickly with some additional effort. She likely would have seen varsity doubles play this season. She also totally enjoys the social aspect of the game which is an indicator that tennis will continue to be a part of her life.



Austin Prep (Girls)


Coach: Michael Collins




Jenna Costello- Jenna is one of our captains and is a fiery competitor with a passion for tennis. She compiled a personal record of 46-8 over three years and will be attending Sacred Heart University next fall.


Mia Bramante- Mia, our other captain and senior leader, is a hardworking and dedicated teammate that has consistently improved every year. She had a three-year personal record of 20-8 and will be attending Merrimack College this fall. 


Gina Pasquale- Gina is a quiet but enthusiastic player who loved to practice and improve. She has a powerful forehand but a pleasant, kind-hearted personality that made her an excellent teammate. She had a three year personal record of 12-2 and will be attending UMASS/Amherst next year.


Boston Latin School (Girls)


Coach: Paulanne Wilson




Leah Rosenkranz- Leah’s spirit and diligence as a Wolfpack will be remembered.


Vicki Peterlin- Vicki’s determination as a Wolfpack was refreshing and contagious.


Concord-Carlisle High School (Boys)


Coach: Alex Spence




Jacob Gechtman- Jacob is a high-energy player who doesn't take any points off.


Cole Hamilton- Cole's standard of play and team-camaraderie is a model for younger players.


Richie Chuang- Richie's game is predicated on his great movement and fun-loving attitude.


Lynn English High School (Girls)


Coach: Stephen Smith




Zabdy Veliz- Zabdy has a sincerity and honesty that she is physically not able to hide, truly genuine.


Adamma Uzoma- Adamma is kind and trusting, she is strong and always open to improvement. 


Khammany Phommachanh- Khammany is extremely disciplined and focused, she is determined to achieved her highest level of success.


Maisha Bellal- Maisha has an inquisitive nature that she uses to fuel her internal desire to being a well rounded learner and leader.


Nuvia Merida - Nuvia is selfless and caring to everyone on the team, she I always willing to help no matter the cost.


Rifflene Altidor- Rifflene is so much fun to be around, her optimism and sense of humor are violently contagious. 


Tallia Dudley- Tallia makes those around her want to be a better person, she is has a quiet confidence of authenticity.


Malden Catholic High School (Boys)


Coach: Steven Caristinos




Christopher Terranova- Captain Terranova is the team’s most competitive and consistent player.


Agustin Diaz- A team player, which made him a valuable doubles player.


Erzhan “Jerry” Jiang- Jerry is the fun-loving teammate who gives it his all on and off the court.


Ian Walsh- Ian’s talents on the court are going to be missed.


Ralph Carbone- Ralph worked hard to make him, and his doubles partner a competitive team.


Will Turk- Will’s natural talents helped the team fill a void in doubles.


Zhiyuan “Tony” Chen- Tony is a consistent player, which made his teammates better.


Tim Lynch- Tim is a fine young man who dedicated himself to become a better player.


Michael Bartolotta- Michael reaching the varsity level was a great example of hard work and dedication.


Manny Ventura- Manny is a talented young player.


Marblehead High School (Girls)


Coach: Tracy Ackerman




Hannah Porath- Hannah is a fierce competitor, NEC All Star for 3 years, was looking to lead the team at first singles this year, Captain.


Cahill Whittier- Cahill is a selfless team player, developed into a consistent doubles player, Captain.


Rei Newman- Rei is a, hard worker, and great supporter of her teammates, Captain.


Marblehead High School (Boys)


Coach: Elisabeth Foukal


My senior captains this year are: Hayden Miller, Gavin Snook, and Reid Tully. They are great leaders and role models for the younger players.




Federico Paolo Angius- Federico is a foreign exchange student. 


Fischer Birnbach- Fischer has been on the team since freshman year and steadily improved each year. With his height and athleticism, Fischer is an excellent doubles player.


Will Hancock- Will is new to the team this year.


Wilson Lloyd- Wilson has been on the team since freshman year, steadily improved, especially between sophomore and junior years. Wilson has a great forehand and is consistent, two important weapons.


Jorge Maldonado Rios- Jorge has been on the team since freshman year and has a great attitude, good sense of humor and always game for any tennis activity.


Hayden Miller- Hayden is a tri-captain, super leader and role model. He was top of the ladder and I expected he would have been playing singles this season. Hayden is headed to Dartmouth College in the fall.


Max Mogolesko- Mx has been on the team since freshman year and is a very enthusiastic contributor to the team. He sold the second most raffle tickets for our tennis court renovation project. Thank you, Max!


Nicolas Parra Duncklee- Nicolas is new to the team this year.


William Poss- William is a good player. I was looking forward to reconnecting with Will after his junior year in Spain; expecting Will would have been a key player in this year’s team.


Gavin Snook- Gavin is a tri-captain and great role model for the younger players. He is a very patient and consistent player. I expect Gavin would have been a key singles player this season.


Reid Tully- Reid is a tri-captain, great role model, quiet, humble and unassuming but with his awesome serve and head for the game. I expect Reid will take tennis to the next level.


Hunter Wanger- Hunter has been on the team since freshman year and has steadily improved. Hunter was a beginner freshman year but has diligently worked on his game and I has improved enormously.


Cameron Winch- Cameron has been on the team since freshman year and has steadily improved each year. Cameron has good potential and has great sportsmanship; he is a wonderful addition to the team.


Masconomet Regional High School (Boys)


Coach: Matthew Nardone




Marshall Lastes- Marshall was a great leader and sole captain of our 2020 team. He was a three-year starter on a team that qualified for states all 3 years. Always gave 110% whether it was a match or practice. 


Jake Wogan- Jake was a three-year starter on our team that qualified for states all 3 years. He was a doubles specialist who was extremely effective at net due to his aggressive tactics and good hands.


Mount Alvernia High School (Girls)


Coach: Sami O’Reilly



Team Captain Kristine Simmons- A true and caring leader and top contender,  whose racquet skills kept her in first singles position four years running; congratulations and best wishes for continued success!


Morgan Ellis- Doubles player, unflappable and super-cool, brought team spirit and camaraderie whenever she hit the courts; congratulations and best wishes for continued success!


Yixin Li- Queen of the overhead smash, Yixin Li leveled up each of her four years, a determined and cheerful companion to all her dubs partners; congratulations and best wishes for continued success!


Newton South High School (Girls)


Coach: Bob Jampol




Dorra Guermazi- Dorra has been an inspirational player and captain, a Globe and Herald All-Scholastic the last two years, and a source of support to her teammates.


Mia Shursky- Mia is a determined, hard-working player who anchored our doubles teams while building unity throughout the line-up.


Olga Zhizhin- Olga has provided energy, spirit, and laughter to the team and played a determined, relentless doubles game.


Amanda Lookner- Amanda is modest and unassuming off the court but ferocious in her aggressive doubles play on the court.


Anna Tandetnitskiy- Anna is a steady force at singles, displaying calm and consistency both on and off the court.


The Rivers School (Boys)


Coach: Phil Parrish




Tyler Day- Tyler is one of the nicest, most genuine players I have ever coached.


Will Churchill- Will possessed a real strong work ethic to help contribute to the team.


Reading Memorial High School (Girls)


Coach: Roberta DiPierro




Captain Rachel MacDonald-  #1 singles, Rachel is a student of the game and always comes prepared. Freshman all star in doubles great sportsmanship. She will be attending UNH Veterinary Tech program. Rachel plays team for the Northeast Tennis Club.


Captain Lauren Stevens- Doubles/singles, Lauren is a multi-sport athlete and has been an essential to our team playing various positions to Help elevate our team. She will be attending UNH studying in Health Service Program. Lauren plays team for Woburn Racquet Club.


Captain Caitlyn Strout- Doubles, Caitlyn is a multi-sport athlete always Flexible congenial And willing to help the team. She also plays team for Woburn Racquet Club. She is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and Project Service in Peru. She plays team for Woburn Racquet Club.

Alex Lermond- JV doubles/singles- Alex is a multi-sport athlete. She is a member of the National Honor Society and will be attending Boston College. A great teammate to be around.


Vithuli Rajadurai-  JV Singles/doubles, Vithuli loves tennis and approaches it with much enthusiasm. She will be attending Merrimack College and studying accounting.


Gauri Barar- JV Doubles, Gauri is a very congenial player always ready to mentor newer players. She is a member if the NHS and will be attending UAass Amhurst sudying Computer Science.


Reading Memorial High School (Boys)


Coach: Bruce Appleby




Griffin Collins- Griffin is a captain and two-time Middlesex League All Star.  He is a versatile player who can play singles or doubles and always does what is best for the team. 20-10 over his varsity career.


Charlie Cribb- Charlie is a standout third singles player who made the team stronger.  16-6 over his varsity career.


John Gardner- John is a hard-working lefty who worked his way into four varsity matches.  4-0 over his varsity career.


Alec Plano- Alec is a two-year captain and two-time Middlesex League All Star. He is a team leader who gave stability and success to our doubles teams. 19-10 over his varsity career.


Ben Rotstein- Ben is a tough JV player who improved over his years on the team. 2-1 over his varsity career.


Chris Sewall- Chris is a captain and Middlesex League All Star.  Hs is a tenacious competitor who can stay on the court all day long and excelled at first singles. 21-13 over his varsity career.


Cam Shankland- Cam is a fighter who showed promise for his senior year. 3-0 over his varsity career.


Saugus High School (Girls)


Coach: Kristen Gerety




Jill Ricupero- Jill is a class act! She is always ready to lead with a smile. We will miss you!


St. John's Prep (Boys)


Coach: Mark Metropolis




Liam Kircher- Watching Liam mature as a person, player and role model has been very rewarding.


Conor Mullen- Conor's never say quit attitude on the court has helped him achieve the success he has had.


Andrew Rose- Andrew's desire and hard work ethics have driven him to become the player he is today.


Luke Weiner  Luke's love of the game shines with his enthusiasm on the court!

Wakefield High School (Boys)


Coach: Cheryl Connors




Noah Greif- (Captain) Noah played number 1 singles all four years. He was a Middlesex All Star.


Russell Harter- Russell improved every year. He is a real team player with nice strokes and a great serve.


Colin Leary- Colin is new to tennis, started his junior year. He is a JV player and great leader.


Jack Palmer (Captain)- Jack is a  #1 Doubles player. He plays year round and is an excellent player and really knows the doubles game. He was a Middlesex All Star two years in a row. 


Ian Schermerhorn-  Last year was Ian’s first year playing varsity and played #2 doubles. He has nice strokes.


Lucas Smith (Captain)- Lucas played doubles as a sophomore and received Middlesex All Star recognition. His junior year he played 2nd singles where his record was 18-4. He was a Middlesex All Star two years in a row. He is an all-around player, very coachable and a delight to have on the team.

Westwood High School (Girls)


Coach- Martha Laughna




Nicole Gaykova- Nicole earned Westwood’s #1 singles position her first three years on the team. She displayed impeccable sportsmanship, kindness toward others, and was honored as a captain her senior year.


Emma Falkowski- Emma earned the job of captain this year because of her drive for success and her supportive attitude.


Abbie Berry- Abbie learned early that placement is everything.


Katya Vertikova- Katya’s serveis unreturnable!


Caroline Beattie- Caroline never backed down from a challenge!


Lindsay Schissel- Lindsay quietly defeated her opponents with consistency.


Linnea DiVincenzo- Linnea scared off her opponents with her power.


New Hampshire
Contoocook Valley Regional High School (Girls)


Coach: Gloria Morison




Catrina Kipk- Catrina has shown strong team leadership, jumping in to organize anything and everything with a smile on her face!


Zoe Werth- Zoe has emerged as a confident, tactical player who is always up for a challenge and has real fun while on court.


Lena LaFleur- Lena has improved immensely over the past few years and has been so willing to help her teammates in any way needed!


The Derryfield School (Girls)


Coach: Gustavo Moral




Caroline Desmarais- Captain and a solid participant and contributor throughout the years as a player and as a leader. She was elected captain unanimously and was an intricate member of a team that during her tenure won a State Championship, and reached Semifinals and Finals. In her second season, Caroline was the team’s player that won the most matches by zero.


Erin Glosner- Affable and a hard worker and someone who is one of the quiet leaders of the team; well respected whose reassuring personality was sought after by teammates. Great net potential.


Caroline Hines- Always ready to work hard, whether be a practice or a match; someone who implemented a game plan to a “t.” Well liked and respected by her teammates.


Bella Matarese- Highly talented baseliner with a strong will and personality, crafty and smart. A leader in her own right.


Silvana Parra-Rodriguez- Someone who grew quietly within the ranks of a talented team. Thoughtful and cerebral, her approach achieved her success against more experienced players.


Dani Taub- Pleasant and engaging, willing to work hard with a never-ending smile. Steady game consistent with her personality.


Dover High School (Boys)


Coach: Brian Beck




Max Casey- Max played as top varsity player in all of his high school years. He was elected captain by the team for the past two seasons, he is a three-time MVP award winner and is a scholar four-sport athlete. He qualified for the state tournament in both singles and doubles all three years of play with his best performance getting to the round of 16.


Zac Nelson-Marois- Zac joined the team his year freshman and was able to play in a few varsity matches. Zac made huge improvements by working hard in the off season and moved to number 6 singles and 3 doubles his 10th grade year and 3 singles and 3 doubles in 11th grade year. Zac will be attending Dartmouth in the fall and said one reason for the selection was his positive experience at the Dartmouth Tennis Camp.


Elijah Payeur- Elijah joined the team last year as a junior. He worked hard and learned how to win at 3 doubles with his partner and lettered his first season.


Bailey Brake - Bailey joined the team as a freshman year. He was on the cusp of a Dover most-improved player award this year. He was poised to be a top player because of all the extra training he committed to this past off season.


Miles Clemons- Miles joined the tennis team as a freshman year. Although he did not crack the top six the past few years this was going to be his year. He was diligent about improving his game and would have been one of the top players for the Green Wave this season.


Kearsarge Regional High School (Boys)


Coach: Lynn Miller



Xavier Blasingame- Xavier is a multi-talented student-athlete who saw little playing time early on in his high school tennis career. He would have been a starter this year in singles and doubles and is. He talked his friend Cohl into trying out for the team last year even though Cohl was already a junior and a beginner.


Cohl Schusler- Cohl joined the team last year as a junior with no organized tennis experience, got hooked on the game, was one of the few players who worked on his game in the off-season and improved immensely in just one year. He would have been a starter this year in singles and doubles and will see his best tennis in years to come!


Milford High School (Girls)


Coach: Nancy McManus




Sydney Kolasinski- Sydney is a four-ear varsity player (captain for 2 years) for MHS who is a great competitor, a leader and always displays good sportsmanship.


Oyster River High School (Girls)


Coach: Nancy Bulkley




Marian Bulkley- Marian led her team at #1 singles and #2 doubles for three seasons and co-captained her last two seasons keeping the team organized and having fun!


Iris Yu- Iris co-captained her team junior and senior years helping keep the team excited and engaged while also fighting for every point in her singles and doubles matches. 


Kirsten Bornkessel- Kirsten delivered some great wins at singles and #2 doubles throughout her 3 seasons  with a perfect undefeated season in doubles play her junior year


Brunda Katikireddy- Brunda played #6 singles and #3 doubles and was great at dealing with the pressure especially at 3 dubs when were tied 4-4 in matches. 


Abigail Palmer- Abby was a great contributor to our junior varsity program last year picking up the sport during her first season but was definitely a contender for a varsity spot this year. 


Portsmouth High School (Girls)


Coach: Wendy Poutre




Ciara Schaepe- A dedicated lefty who epitomizes the ‘growth mindset.’


Ellie Graham- Consistent and smooth on the court, played her best doubles with Sarah as they won 8-1 in our Championship match.


Sarah Nadeau- Committed and energetic, played her best doubles (with Ellie) in the title match winning 8-1, avenging an earlier loss.


Alexa Stevens- Two-year captain and phenomenal team leader; beautiful strokes and perseverance vaulted us through to State Championship/


Charlie Welsh- Mindful athlete who improved her game daily.



Colchester High School (Girls)


Coaches: Mark Ellingson (Former coach & contributor)

Nathan Peters (New coach)




Caitlin Richardson- Caitlin is such a hard worker on and off the court; she is a grinder and never gives up on a point. One of her senior projects was on the evolution of tennis racquets and how they have changed the game, and finding the best racket for your game.


Jess Laquerre- Jess is one of the best athletes I have ever coached, it is unfortunate that tennis is her third sport and takes a back seat to basketball and soccer, a top ten player in the state for sure.


Maddie Laquerre- Maddie is an incredibly smart player, her court sense and net game is unreal, truly a great doubles player. 


Anna Kalfus- Anna is such a leader both on and off the court. Her improvement over the four years in unmatched on our team.


Essex High School (Girls)

Coach: Laury Shea




Sasha Hunt- Sasha entered her senior season as a three-year varsity starter who had anchored our doubles the past three seasons, she is a great partner and was a wonderful mentor to all our younger players.


Maya Asher- Maya, a second year co-captain and the emotional leader of our team, entered her senior season as a three-year varsity starter who had played second singles as a junior and had a stellar season. 


Destina Suren- Destina is three year co-captain who has played #1 singles her entire career at EHS, she is constantly ranked as one of the top female HS players in the state. Destina is an exceptional student, leader and athlete.


Meghan Cote- Meghan is a first-year varsity team member whose extreme dedication and commitment to our "unofficial JV" program last season would have earned her a spot in a doubles rotation this season. Meghan's enthusiasm for tennis as a new player was contagious; she was an amazing teammate and cheerleader for all the varsity players last season.

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