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Emma Grossman, Sports Marketing Intern  |  June 28, 2019

WESTBOROUGH, MA- USTA New England League Championship play officially began on June 22-23 with Mixed 18 & Over Districts taking place at three different Boston locations. Bass River Tennis Club, Woburn Racquet Club and Winchester Tennis Club hosted 68 teams hoping to qualify for Sectionals. 


Seventeen flight winners and 17 wild card teams from the 7.0 and 8.0 NTRP ratings advanced to Mixed 18 & Over Sectionals, which will take place July 12-14 in Western Massachusetts. 


Sectional winners will advance to the USTA League Nationals, with 7.0 teams competing November 1-3, and 8.0 teams playing November 8-10. 


The advancing teams are as follows: 


7.0 Flight Winners 

EMA- BLEX:BSC Lexington:Strokers;Carey

EMA- DED:La Familia:Kittredge/Rosselli-Risal

EMA - DED:Shiplappers:Leveille/Kalra

EMA- TRU:Trull Brook Green:Swank/Raff

EMA- CED:Cedardale Blue:Stuart

WMA- MR: Wallace Brothers 3.0 #LoveAll; Palmer 


ME- WOOD:FMR 7.0;Watt/Watt 

SCT- SOL:You Got Served:Spenner/Spenner 

RI- Rally Point;Werchadlo 


7.0 Wild Card

RI- TRI East Bay;L'Europa 

EMA- WEY:Weymouth Blue:Innes 

EMA- GRN:Greendale Blue:Bui 

NCT- FF;Spinners;Suttmeier 

EMA- LFW:Longfellow Not My Fault:Bloomfield 

NH- RVC 7.0/Ashare/Grotz 

ME- RFC:GripAndRip;Bowring 

NH- HSB 7.0/McGovern/Moulton 

ECT- B;MIS;Coleman-Regan II 


8.0 Flight Winners

ECT- LS:Shore Thing:Schlink/Schlink

EMA- WAY:Ball Maulers:Leveille/Terpko 

SCT- MRC:Court Jesters:O'Donnell 

RI- TRI West Bay;Parente/L'Europa 

RI- Rally Point;Brazenor 

EMA- CED:Cedardale Red:Licari/Molda 

EMA- BLEX:BSC Lexington Stroker:Carey

ME- RFC:Timinators;Butler 


8.0 Wild Card

ME- RFC:Nor'easters;Colvin/Herrera 

ECT- GF:Guilford Hawk Eyes:Schwartz-Ponvert 

ME- RFC:Overserved:Morton/Disch 

SCT- TCT:8.0 BB's:Frattaroli/Deangelis 

EMA- WESB:Shark Tank:O'Leary/Zatsiorsky 

EMA- LAK:Lakeville:Pereira 

RI- Rally Point;Marcello/Conforti 

SCT- SOL:Winners All:Seeumpornroj/Chun 

Full results can be found here.


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