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Patti Roy: Bringing Joy To Tennis For 32 Years

James Maimonis, Manager, Media & Communications | March 28, 2019

WESTBOROUGH, MA- They say, “Tennis is the sport for a lifetime.” They also say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Thirty-two years ago when USTA New England Office Manager, Patti Roy, stepped through the office doors for the first time, all she knew about tennis was what she learned from the few lessons she took at age 14. Nonetheless, she chose the role working in tennis over an opportunity with global technology giant, Pitney Bowes.


Little did she know more than three decades later, she’d be on her fifth executive director, her fourth role, a colleague and friend to hundreds, and an integral part of the organization’s day-to-day operations.


“My good friend’s father was best friends with the executive director at the time, so I thought it would be a better opportunity for me. I had no experience and knew nothing about tennis, so I figured I’d be here for a couple years and move on to something else,” Roy said.


Roy’s versatility, openness and attitude of putting others before herself, are what have made her a mainstay at USTA New England and in the local tennis community. She began her tenure as the schedule and rankings coordinator, where she worked with tournament directors, seeding chairs and adult and junior players. She then became an administrative assistant to the community tennis director and was later asked to step up as the volunteer development manager. Last year, Roy officially became the office manager, the title she’s most fond of.


“I’ve enjoyed it all, but I like this role the best. Getting supplies, calling people and making sure the office runs smoothly is what I enjoy. I’m very detail oriented, so this is a perfect fit for my personality,” Roy said.


“Patti’s adaptability and willingness to take on different tasks across multiple groups have been a positive addition to the mission of USTANE. Her willingness, inclusiveness and smiling face have made it a welcoming place,” said John Bresnahan, former USTANE Finance Director.


Roy’s most notable duties include spearheading the coordination of the USTANE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and the annual awards luncheon. She handles all the behind the scenes work, from food and centerpieces to ensuring each attendee is well accommodated. As you’d expect from her, all of the pre-event work is done in as timely a fashion and the event itself runs without a hiccup.


And she is the last person to seek credit for any of the work she does.


“The inductees, award winners and families are so easy to work with and are always a joy. Knowing we’ve made their day and that everything went smoothly and we’ve had another successful year, puts a smile on my face,” Roy said.


“Patti has meant so much to us, not just putting on events, but as a face of our organization. She does everything we ask of her without hesitation, and her willingness to go above and beyond for the organization and the community is why she’s so well-respected both in and outside of our organization,” said Executive Director and COO, Matt Olson.


Through these section-wide events, volunteer outreach and everyday role in the office, Roy has seen, done and heard it all. She’s made acquaintances, friends, and lifelong relationships, and that’s what she cherishes most.


“It’s really the people that keep me here. I’m so very fortunate. To get up and want to go to work, love what you do, love the people you work with every day, you’ll never find another place like this. I hope I’ll be here until I retire,” Roy said. “From staff, board and volunteers to award winners and Hall of Fame inductees, I’ve made some very good friends here and truly learned a lot.”


For Roy, tennis has not only been the sport for a lifetime, but the experience of her lifetime.


“In my 20 years with USTA New England, I haven’t met someone in the field who doesn’t light up when I mention Patti’s name,” said Tennis Service Representative for Eastern Massachusetts, Kristen Liteplo. “She’s become such a great friend, personally and professionally, and she and her husband George came to my wedding. She’s one of the first people I call for advice because she’s so easy to talk to and her sense of humor is the best.”


As we celebrate Women’s History Month at USTA New England, there are very few women who deserve to be honored by USTA New England as much as Patti. She has dedicated most of her adult life’s work to the organization and for that, we are grateful.


Congratulations Patti on your 32 years and of success thus far. We hope you continue to put a smile on our faces for many years to come!



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