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Northern California

2018 Year-End Ratings

USTa NorCal  |  November 21, 2018
<h1>2018 Year-End Ratings</h1>

If you haven’t received a text or social media alert from one of your friends that ratings are out, they are out! USTA National published those long-awaited important numbers on November 29. Did you move up? Did you move down? Are you happy that you stayed the same?


New 2018 Year End ratings are available to view now on your USTA NorCal Player Page. To see if you received a new rating, go to My Player Page.


Of the 17,064 NorCal players who generated a 2018 rating, 84% remained unchanged. 1653 players (10%) saw their ratings go up and about 1071 got bumped down (6%).

Frequently asked questions about year-end ratings:

What is a year-end rating? A year-end rating (YER) is a computer-generated rating that is earned by playing a minimum number of eligible matches during the year. A Computer rating (C) is earned from match play in adult leagues and NTRP tournaments. ADVERTISEMENT A Mixed rating (M) is earned from match play in mixed leagues and mixed matches in NTRP tournaments. A Tournament rating (T) is earned from match play in singles and same gender doubles in NTRP tournaments. A C rating supersedes an M rating which supersedes a T rating for league play. All computer ratings are valid for three years for those under 60 years of age if not replaced by a newer rating. All computer ratings are valid for two years for those 60 years of age and older unless replaced by a newer rating.


When can players sign up for Adult 40 & Over, Mixed 55 & Over, and Adult 18-39 teams? December 5. Player registration was kept closed to allow players a chance to see their year-end rating before deciding which team to join. There is no deadline for players to register for a team.


Why didn't my rating level change? It may have, but you may not be able to see the change. NTRP ratings are published in 0.5 increments; however, the NTRP system uses ratings to the hundredth of a point. There are 50 different levels at each published NTRP level. Players at a given NTRP level are not equal in ability. A 3.01 player will not be on a par with a 3.49 player even though both have a 3.5 published rating. However, a 3.49 (3.5) player will be very close in ability to a 3.51 (4.0) player. The computer looks at expected match outcomes based on each player’s dynamic ratings, not on win/loss records. If the outcome is as expected, then there is no change in ratings. However, if one is supposed to lose 6-1, 6-1, but loses 6-3, 6-4, then one’s rating will go up despite the loss because the player beat the predicted outcome in the match. A player may lose every match played and still have his rating go up; a player could lose every match and have his rating go down. It all depends on who plays whom.


I only played mixed doubles this year. Will I get a year-end rating? If you played at least 3 valid matches, you will receive an "M" rating unless you have a current valid Computer (C) rating. The C rating, if valid, will override an M rating.


How do I appeal my year-end rating? Granted appeals will not post until 12/5. The automatic appeal process is available to all players. There is no fee to appeal a rating. Appeals are granted only for players whose rating falls within a certain margin and who have only played a certain number of matches or have reached a certain age. Here are the instructions for appealing on the National Tennis Link site. Click on the Appeal Rating link next to your Rating Number to see the instantaneous outcome. If you appeal your rating up, please be aware that you cannot change your mind and go back to your previous rating. Only appeal up if that is what you really want to happen. If the appeal is granted, you will not be able to appeal back to the original rating. Once you are granted the appeal (up or down), an “A” for Appealed will next to your rating number. If you appeal your rating down, please be aware that your new Appealed (A) vs. Computer (C) rating is now subject to Three Strikes.


For how long is my Year-End Rating good? For players 59 years of age or younger, computer ratings are good for three years. A 2018 Year-End rating is good for 2019, 2020, and 2021. For players who are 60 years of age or older, ratings are good for two years or for 2019 and 2020.


My rating went up but I am on a current team using my old 2017 Year-End rating. May I continue to play for that team at my lower rostered level?


2018 Combo: Yes, the 2017 Year-End rating on the combo team roster applies throughout the 2018 season. As long as that rating is not changed through any disqualification process, such as an NTRP grievance, or by automatic appeal up, players will be allowed to use the rating posted on the team roster until the end of that team's combo season.


2019 Mixed 40 & Over: Yes, but you will need to play at the higher level if your team advances to National Championships. As long as that rating is not changed through any disqualification process, such as an NTRP grievance, or by automatic appeal up, players will be allowed to use the rating posted on the team roster until the end of that the season. Players who received a lower 2018 rating may play at the new lower level and may request that NorCal update the rating posted on the team page.


If you were promoted beyond the clearly above level mark, you must immediately play at the higher rating (ULR 2.05B(3)). Only 17 Mixed 40 & Over players were clearly above level in 2018 and have been notified.


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