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Over 40 Teams Represent NorCal at USTA League National Championships

November 22, 2022

After 17 events in five cities throughout October and November, it's officially a wrap on the 2022 USTA League National Championships! Thousands of players made the trips, and USTA NorCal is proud to have over 40 teams compete in the championship race, and six teams earn the right to be called national champions!


Take a look at the different NorCal teams who represented our section nationally this league season, follow the final results from the 2022 championships, and check out photos from their journeys below.


  • Women's 2.5 Green Valley Country Club
  • Men's 3.0 Pleasanton
  • Women's 3.0 Stonebrae
  • Men's 3.5 Johnson Ranch
  • Women's 3.5 Walnut Creek Racquet Club
  • Men's 4.0 Gold River Racquet Club
  • Women's 4.0 Richmond Tennis Association/Nicholl Park
  • Women's 4.5 St. Mary's - Placed 4th
  • Men's 4.5 Sunnyvale Tennis Club - Placed 4th
  • Women's 5.0 Goldman Tennis Center Team - Placed 2nd
  • Men's 5.0 Olympic Club Team - Placed 3rd

  • Men's 3.0 Pleasanton - National Champions
  • Women's 3.0 University Club PA
  • Women's 3.5 Scott Valley - Placed 2nd
  • Men's 3.5 Roseville Lifetime
  • Women's 4.0 Claremont Resort and Spa - National Champions
  • Men's 4.0 Wallenberg Park
  • Men's 4.5 Foster City Tennis Club/Edgewater Park - Placed 4th
  • Women's 4.5 Los Gatos Swim and Racquet Club

  • Women's 6.0 Blackhawk Country Club
  • Men's 6.0 Crow Canyon Country Club
  • Men's 7.0 Gold River Racquet Club
  • Women's 7.0 Zephyr Cove
  • Men's 8.0 Broadstone Racquet Club
  • Women's 8.0 Sunnyvale Tennis Club
  • Women's 9.0 St. Mary's
  • Men's 9.0 Tiburon Peninsula

  • Mixed 6.0 Almaden Swim and Racquet Club
  • Mixed 7.0 Rinconada Park - National Champions
  • Mixed 8.0 Wikiup Tennis and Swim Club
  • Mixed 9.0 Golden Gateway


These are the teams that will be advancing to a National Invitational in early 2023:
  • Men's 6.0 Sunnyvale Tennis Club
  • Women's 6.0 Napa Valley Tennis Club
  • Men's 7.0 Pinole Park
  • Women's 7.0 Gold River Racquet Club
  • Men's 8.0 Berkeley Tennis Club
  • Women's 8.0 Boyle Park
  • Men's 9.0 McInnis Park
Results & NorCal National Champions

Congratulations to all of our teams for an amazing 2022 league season! Click here for results from all the teams who participated in the 2022 USTA League National Championships, and a special shoutout to the six teams who achieved the ultimate goal and were crowned national champions of their divisions. Read each team's perspective on their season and trip to the national title below:


Adult 40 & Over Women's 4.0 - Claremont Club

"Getting ready for Nationals, everyone rose to the occasion, working on their respective games and overall fitness level for months. Still, it required not just a prolonged effort by our teammates but also reliance on the support of our local community and the sacrifice made by fellow teammates and others impacted to help us succeed. While winning was terrific, the experience of getting to Nationals, and once there, the dedication of all the volunteers, the sportsmanship, and the sheer joy of the sport we felt that weekend made the experience unforgettable." - Kimia Zucker, Captain


Read the full story written by Kimia Zucker & Sally Fitzhugh.

Adult 40 & Over Men's 3.0 - Pleasanton Tennis Park

"Our mantra was 'One ball at a time. We win one play at a time, and we win the game and match.' With that as our guide, we won the National Championship against all odds. By the end of day one, we were underdogs at position six in regular national league matches, wondering if we should leave early since only the top four teams make it to the semifinals. Nevertheless, we fought our way to the top four by a slim margin on day two, only to play the undefeated No. 1 team from Mississippi in the semifinals and beat them 3-1." - Narayana Rao Surapaneni, Captain


Read the full story written by Narayana Rao Surapaneni.

Mixed 18 & Over 10.0 - Mission Hills

"It has been a true team collaboration from everyone along the way, but it was anything but easy... Looking back on our experience, what an incredible feat to go through such a high level of competition with different partners and remain undefeated." - John Chen, Captain


Read the full story written by John Chen.

Mixed 18 & Over 7.0 - AAA Tennis/Rinconada Park

"Taking lessons with pros, recording and reviewing practice and match footage to reinforce specific strategies, conducting quantitative video analytics... and other 'secret sauce' elements were all part of the preparation and team support." - Andy Cheng, Captain


Read the full story written by Andy Cheng.

Mixed 18 & Over 9.0 - St. Ignatius

"It’s hard to describe how amazing and special it feels to finally win a USTA League National Championship or how grateful I am for everyone’s part in helping the team prepare and overcome all the challenges thrown our way throughout the year, on and off the court." - Jennifer Kung, Captain


Read the full story written by Jennifer Kung.

Mixed 40 & Over 7.0 - Rinconada Park

"After the first three rounds, we ranked No. 7 among the 17 teams. In my heart, I still felt there was a chance, and it was important we try hard to win, as we came this far and we shouldn’t give up even if there is a slight chance. In our final round robin, we defeated Southern 3-0 with straight sets wins, which made us No. 4. Then when another team defeated SoCal, our ranking even went up to No. 3.


After all, anything can happen in Surprise. Isn't it?" - Christy Ma, Captain


Read the full story written by Christy Ma & Shan.

2022 USTA League National Championships Photo Album


We are so proud of all our adult league players who represented Team NorCal at the 2022 USTA League Nationals across the country!


Check out the photos and quotes submitted by our outstanding team captains from league nationals throughout the competition. Access our album here.



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