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USTA League Sectional Championships

Ron Cioffi | October 22, 2021

Here is the Facebook gallery of 18 & Over champions and finalists.


USTA Southern crowned 12 champions at the 2021 USTA League Adult 18 & Over Southern Sectional Championships, played July 23-25, 2021.


The annual championships were played at the Rome (Ga.) Tennis Center at Berry College (tournament headquarters) and the Rome Tennis Center Downtown. There were 92 men’s and women’s teams with more than 1,000 players from nine states, making it one of the largest tournaments by player number in the world.


Atlanta led all cities with two champions, while Charlotte, N.C., and Louisville, Ky., had a champion and finalist. Georgia had four champions and a finalist, all from metro Atlanta.


18 & Over

LevelWinner, Hometown, Captain/Co-CaptainsFinalist, Hometown, Captain/Co-Captains; Score in Final

Men’s 2.5; Tuscaloosa, Ala., Matt Pavlick; Jackson, Miss., Philip Cothern; 4-0 in round robin

Men’s 3.0; Roswell, Ga., Kyle Davis; Alcoa, Tenn., Matt Brown; 3-2

Men’s 3.5; Charlotte, N.C., David Joo/Vivek Mark Kamar Markandan; New Orleans; Carl Castle; 4-1

Men’s 4.0; Marietta, Ga., Joseph Oleander; Johnson City, Tenn., Joshua Woods; 3-2

Men’s 4.5; Louisville, Ky., Matthew Mathes; Charlotte, N.C., Alex King; 3-2

Men’s 5.0; Atlanta, Brian Coyle/Jesse Ferlianto; Florence, S.C., Garth Thomson; 4-0 in round robin

Women’s 2.5; Baton Rouge, La., Catherine Rosenfeld/Heather Day; Meridian, Miss., Melissa Mitchell; 2-1

Women’s 3.0; Nashville, Tenn., Julie Burnstein; Mobile, Ala., Blakely Prine; 3-2

Women’s 3.5; Purchase Area, Ky., Patricia Taylor/Kelly Clapp; Atlanta, Marcella Starks/Dianna Kelly; 3-2

Women’s 4.0; Asheville, N.C., Susie Manley; Hoover, Ala., Kandy Shirley/Lisa Fehr; 5-0

Women’s 4.5; Nashville, Tenn., Stacy Baskin/Lindsey Vaughan; Louisville, Ky., Morgan Bauer/Annie Smith; 4-1

Women’s 5.0; Atlanta, Kim Raley/Sonia Shen; Greer, S.C. (wild card); Elizabeth & Caroline Holland; 4-0 in round robin

40 & Over

LevelWinner, Hometown, Captain/Co-CaptainsFinalist, Hometown, Captain/Co-Captains; Score in Final

Men's 3.0; Baton Rouge, LA; Bill Jackson; Germantown, TN; Adam Bratton; 3-1

Men's 3.5; Ridgeland, MS; Tom Merchant; Alpharetta, GA (WC); Scott Bunce/Paul Pelletier; 4-0

Men's 4.0; Jackson, MS; Paul Kimble; Shreveport, LA; Norman Duhon; 3-1

Men's 4.5; Lexington, KY; David Hardesty; Elm City, NC; Jonathan Hodges; 3-1

Men's Open; Charlotte, NC; Gregory Artzt/Chris MacDougall; Birmingham, AL; Bill Lawrence/; Richard Harris; * 4-0

Women's 3.0; Charlotte, NC; Misty Jones; Nashville, TN; Stacy Thomas/; Mary Mouser; 3-1

Women's 3.5; Louisville, KY; Vikki Meadows/Michelle Coan; Huntersville, NC; Julie Finke; 5-4 (sets won)

Women's 4.0; Brentwood, TN; Melinda Brown/Liza Robinson; Hoover, AL; Kandy Shirley; 3-1

Women's 4.5; Nashville, TN; Robin Teal; Hoover, AL; Frankie Gilliam; * 3-1

Women's Open; Atlanta, GA; Ashley Massengale; Hoover, AL; Frankie Gilliam; * 2-1


55 & Over

LevelWinner, Hometown, Captain/Co-CaptainsFinalist, Hometown, Captain/Co-Captains; Score in Final

Men's 3.0;Bossier City, LA; Mark Roberts; Southport, NC; Joseph Meissner/Stephen Zuharuk; *5-0

Men's 3.5;Roswell, GA; Pat Kirkpatrick/James Meidl; Chattanooga, TN; Gregory Hadden; 3-0

Men's 4.0;Lafayette, LA; James Vining; Huntsville, AL; Douglas Counter; 2-1

Men's 9.0 combined; Bluffton, SC; Daniel Lieberman; Louisville, KY; Byron Miller; *5-0

Women's 3.0;Knoxville, TN; Bonney Daves; Huntersville, NC; Wendy Goodwin; 3-0

Women's 3.5;Memphis, TN; Chris Martin; Lafayette, LA; Carla Moylan; 3-0

Women's 4.0;Youngsville, LA; Janice Searle; Rock Hill, SC; Shannon Pierle; 2-1

Women's 9.0 combined; Charlotte, NC; Debbie Carmazzi; Memphis, TN; Vanessa Pruitt; 3-0



LevelWinner, Hometown, Captain/Co-CaptainsFinalist, Hometown, Captain/Co-Captains; Score in Final

18 & Over 2.5 North Little Rock, AR; Tay Sisoukrath; Collierville, TN; Taylor TerBurgh & Megan Johnson; 4-0 in round-robin

18 & Over 6.0 Florence, SC; Leroy Scott Washington & Melinda Hodges; North Little Rock, AR; Will Aguilar; 4-1 in round-robin

18 & Over 7.0 Knoxville, TN; Trey Ambrose, Hoover, AL; Marcus Malone/Gina McIntosh; 3-0 in final

18 & Over 8.0 Hattiesburh, MS; Ed Assaf; Little Rock, AR; Melanie Kiker; 2-1 in final

18 & Over 9.0 Memphis, Tenn.; Jeff Meek/Mark Goodfellow; North Little Rock, AR; Casey Garretson; 4-0 in round-robin

40 & Over 6.0 Ridgeland, MS; Jonathan Branch; Nashville, TN; John Immordino; 8-2 in round-robin

40 & Over 7.0 Hoover, AL; Chris Fields/Kimberly Pruitt; Huntersville, NC; Dewey Baker  3-0 in final

40 & Over 8.0 Baton Rouge, LA; Tracy Blair/Robert Newton; Charlotte, NC; Aokie James; 2-1 in final

40 & Over 9.0 North Little Rock, AR; Lee Mesaris; Raleigh, NC; Richard McClenny; 4-0 in round-robin


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