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New England

USTA New England Diversity and Inclusion 


Diversity & Inclusion in New England

USTA New England is a diverse organization which fosters a culture of inclusiveness. Because we take an all-hands-on-deck approach to promoting the sport of tennis, we solicit and value contributions from every stakeholder in our section. Furthermore, we strive to attract individuals to our organization, including our staff and volunteers who value our commitment.


D&I Mission Statement: USTA New England understands and values Diversity and Inclusion. Our strategic plan and core values are designed to ensure that everyone has access to and is included in our sport. We are determined and committed to fostering inclusivity and access by ensuring that our members, volunteers, staff, leaders and competitors up to the highest levels, reflect the rich diversity of our communities. 



D&I Resources

New England Junior Financial Assistance

New England Grants

National D&I Grants & Assistance

National Diversity & Inclusion Engagement Guides

New England Wheelchair Tennis

New England NJTL chapters



New England NJTL Art Contest

Toni Wiley Feature

Richard Ader Feature

NJTLs Celebrate 50 Years


USTA's Six Pillars of D&I

The USTA National Diversity & Inclusion Department has identified six focus areas to ensure that D&I goals are met at every level and with a well rounded approach. They are as follows:


  • Human Assets: our volunteers, staff, providers, officials, coaches, organizers, players and fans
  • Image: The ability for those outside of tennis to see themselves in the game
  • Community Engagement: working with key community partners to find D&I solutions to match their needs to grow the sport at their level
  • Strategic Partnerships: working with key organizations already servicing diverse audiences to inform them of ways to be involved in the sport
  • Supplier Diversity: doing business with certified diverse suppliers
  • Training and Development: training staff and providers on cultural bias that hinder growing the game


Let USTA New England help you foster diversity and inclusion in your organization- contact Mavi Sanchez-Skakle, head of DEI, at


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