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Board of Directors – is the policymaking body of USTA Texas and is the only group that can initiate or make changes to the Bylaws. The committee is made up of 12 elected members, four (4) members appointed by the President, and the members of the Management Committee who serve as its officers and all Past Presidents of the section. Each year the Membership (representatives from member organizations) elect one new Board member from each of the four zones in Texas for a term of three years. Other than the officers, elected members may not serve two consecutive terms.


Management Committee – members are the officers of the Board of Directors and are elected by that body for two (2) year terms but are not limited by the number of terms that they may serve. The committee carries out the directives of the Board of Directors that also authorizes them to carry on the day to day operations that are required between meetings of the Board of Directors. ADVERTISEMENT The officers include: President, one or more Vice Presidents (currently there are three), Secretary, Treasurer, USTA Delegate and the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.


Nominating Committee - acts to identify, recruit and nominate the most qualified individuals in USTA Texas for leadership positions. It reviews recommendations, interviews potential candidates for the next Nominating Committee and the Management Committee and finally presents slates of nominees for the Board of Directors, the Management Committee and the Nominating Committee to be considered by the appropriate bodies for election. Nominees for the Nominating Committee are normally leaders that have served extensively within the USTA Texas organization. In addition to the chairman, one member from each zone is elected for a two-year term by the Board of Directors. Members may not serve consecutive terms with the exception of one who may be carried over for a second term to provide a historical perspective. The “carry-over” member may not be from the same zone as the new chairperson.



All members of the following committees and their Chairperson are appointed by the President to serve during that two year term of that president.


USTA Texas Appointed Committees 2017-2018


Adaptive/Wheelchair Committee serves the mission to provide all populations including those with intellectual and/or physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the game of tennis. The goal is to promote and develop recreational tennis opportunities for individuals through inclusion and support by providing programming, equipment, and teaching techniques. Promotes wheelchair tennis in Texas by recruiting and instructing new players, developing new wheelchair programs and facilitating the integration of wheelchair tennis players into the existing recreational and tournament structure. 


Advocacy Committee promotes the growth of tennis programs and facilities by encouraging vital partnerships between tennis providers and local politicians, parks and recreation departments, school districts and after-school providers. In addition, this committee seeks to broaden tennis exposure throughout the state, educating state legislators about the health, educational and social benefits of this great sport. This committee also supports the partnerships with the military service members, veterans, and their families, and military bases. 


Adult Tennis Council promotes tennis participation in all adult, senior and super senior categories. Support and develops competitive programs for those players, collaborating with other organizations to maximize participation.  In addition, supports and develops recreational tennis opportunities for adults and seniors with an emphasis on social tennis clubs for young adults. 


Awards Committee acts to recognize tennis enthusiasts, volunteers and players throughout Texas for their contributions to the game of tennis. The committee solicits and evaluates recommendations, selects award recipients and arranges for awards and their presentation ceremonies. 


Budget & Finance Committee is responsible for the preparation and general oversight of the budget for USTA Texas. The committee reviews and evaluates annual budget request from the committee Chairpersons and administrative staff and recommends appropriate funding allocations to the Board of Directors. The committee also oversees the investment portfolio and makes long-term projections of the financial obligations and needs of USTA Texas. 


Coaches Commission a network of coaches in the section that promotes the player development pathway by supporting the EDC Camp structure and identifying players that are strong candidates for TEAM USA Sectional and Regional Camps that will help train a continuous wave of fundamentally sound 8-14 year olds in alignment with the USTA Teaching and Coaching Philosophy.


Collegiate Committee promotes the development of tennis programs on college campuses primarily through the Tennis on Campus program. This committee also works to help ensure the growth, maintenance and protection of collegiate varsity tennis programs.


Communications/Marketing Committee develops plans to maximize the promotion of USTA Texas programs, membership, sponsor and other revenue opportunities within the Association. Provides accurate, up-to-date and pertinent information to all USTA Texas members. In that effort, it provides content for the USTA Texas website, Inside Tennis magazine, the e-newsletter, social media channels and the USTA Texas Tournament Schedule. 


Community Resource Development provides support to all community tennis associations (CTAs) in various ways so that they may effectively operate according to their mission and by-laws. This committee also oversees the development of adult recreational tennis participation by assisting local tennis providers in the development of new, and existing, adult recreational tennis programs.


Constitution & Rules Committee help interpret the existing constitution and rules of the USTA Texas Section. Review proposed amendments and changes to those rules to see that they are in order and do not conflict with other sections of our documents. Clarify wording in our official documents so that they are easily understandable.


CTA Leadership Task Force provides networking opportunities for leaders—president, executive director, or similar—from qualified Community Tennis Associations across Texas to discuss CTA related business and the role of CTAs in USTA Texas.


Discipline & Grievance Committee receives and adjudicates complaints against USTA players and sanctioned tournaments. Grievances are investigated by the committee and the committee determines sanctions that will be applied when they are appropriate.


Diversity & Inclusion Committee works to achieve diversity in all USTA Texas programming, among staff, volunteers, and membership that will reflect the demographics of the general population of Texas.


Hall of Fame Committee acts cooperatively with the Texas Tennis Museum to select and honor members of the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame. It helps collect information from and about the inductees and prepares the biographical video used in the presentation ceremonies. It also promotes support of the Texas Tennis Museum in Waco that helps preserve our tennis history in Texas.


Hispanic Engagement Task Force works to engage communities, participants and providers in pursuit of expanding the number Hispanic players, volunteers and leaders active in the USTA Texas family and provides resources and marketing strategically aimed at accomplishing this goal. 


Junior Team Tennis Committee works to grow and develop the Junior Team Tennis (JTT) program by supporting local Area League Coordinators, developing new leagues and initiatives, hosting the Section-wide Championships, and creating, revising, and enforcing the rules by which JTT operates.


Junior Tennis Council promotes and facilitates competitive tennis for juniors. It is responsible for the sanction of USTA junior tournaments for Texas and their scheduling; the organization and tier system of tournaments and the player qualifications for participating in them; and the ranking of junior players in Texas.  and the selection of players to represent Texas in regional and national competition.


Leadership Development Committee attempts to identify and facilitate development of potential leaders for USTA Texas. It maintains information on the section’s website in the form of a Volunteer Manual; it presents orientations and workshops for new volunteers and volunteers moving into new leadership positions and sponsors mentoring programs throughout the various levels of the organization.


Leagues Committee promotes and develops the growth of league tennis in Texas by facilitating recruitment and enrollment of league players, organization of USTA leagues in the communities and by providing sectional tournaments for playoffs among local qualifiers.


Local Tennis Participation Committee addresses the need for a variety of grassroots tennis programs in Texas communities, sharing information about successful and innovative  programs; determines best methods for measuring participation and success; collaborates with TSRs in sharing knowledge of new and existing tennis programs whether USTA-branded or not; catalogs  the variety of programs as a resource for USTA Texas.


Millennial Engagement Task Force identifies opportunities and barriers to enhance millennial and Generation Z engagement with Texas tennis. The task force develops inclusive strategies to support recruitment and retention efforts. These strategies are communicated across the association to create and implement quality initiatives designed to engage these populations as players, volunteers, and advocates.


NJTL Committee promotes the development of the National Junior Tennis and Learning program which upholds the vision of Arthur Ashe by providing year-round free or low-cost tennis and educational opportunities to all youth in Texas.


Officials Committee is responsible for the organization and training of USTA certified officials in Texas and seeing that the rules of tennis are enforced at USTA sanctioned tournaments. The committee also works to recruit new officials. The instruction presented under their jurisdiction includes rules used for non-USTA events (e.g. ATP, WTA, NCAA, UIL) so that the officials may assist in tournaments under the various governing sanctioning bodies.


Schools/High Schools Committee promotes and supports the growth and development of the USTA Schools program, Hot Shots, and others in public and private schools through TSRs, CTAs and local providers.  Also supports the growth of the High School Blast and initiatives to get thousands of  Texas high school teams and players involved in year-round tennis opportunities working in collaboration with TTCA and others.


Sport Science Committee acts to distribute valid sport science information and promote the use of good sport science principles at and during our tennis activities in Texas. The primary purposes are to improve performance of our players and to prevent injuries that can be avoided by application of sound sport science and sports medicine principles.


Sportsmanship Task Force drives a culture of sportsmanship in the Texas tennis community and integrates the character-building benefits of tennis at every level.


Strategic Planning Committee evaluates long-term goals of USTA Texas and in accordance with the USTA Texas mission prepares an annual Strategic Plan for approval by the Board of Directors. The Strategic Plan articulates Texas’ vision, major goals, strategic priorities and action plans. If approved by the Board of Directors, the Strategic Planning Committee will monitor progress toward meeting the stated goals and recommend changes as priorities change.


Texas Tennis and Education Foundation Committee catalyzes new thinking to deepen and expand greater inclusion and participation in tennis, particularly to reduce barriers so that all may experience the sport. The committee supports a platform to raise and disburse funds that support innovative programs and projects to advance the growth of tennis as a healthy and lifelong sport.


Tournament Administration Task Force analyzes all elements of tournament administration including training for tournament directors, communication resources for tournament personnel, and general analysis of tournament administered in Texas. Brings recommendations to staff or Junior Tennis Council as appropriate. Addresses tournament administration whether junior, adult or senior advocating for tournament directors, officials as well as participating players.


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