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School team tennis is an incredible opportunity for teenagers to compete in a great environment–on a team with friends. Whether you are an experienced coach or organizing a team for the first time, the USTA can provide helpful resources and coaching tips to help you lead and develop a successful squad. To get started today and access your free copy of our School Team Tennis Manual, plus additional benefits, click here to create your usta account or login.


High School Coaches Team Challenge Promotion!

Host a USTA Team Challenge between February 20th - April 21st and be eligible for a free gift. The first 75 high school coaches to host a USTA Team Challenge during this time will be eligible. Visit our promotional page to learn more and view the steps to enter. For questions, contact USTA Customer Care.

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Free Resources



Check Out the Team Coach Webinar Series

Partner Resources


To find contact information for the National Federation of State High School Associations tennis representative in your area, click here. For more information on tennis and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) please visit the link below. 



High School Tennis back in session this fall? Use these guides to manage your practice and team matches safely!



Diversity and Inclusion


  • Learn more here about how to engage your team with diverse and inclusive additions
  • Incorporate Wheelchair Tennis in your high school program. Click here to learn more.


Out of Season Play Ideas



Many high school players want to play year-round, both to gain on-court experience and to have fun and be with friends. Check out these out of season play opportunities to stay in the game well after the season ends.



For questions, contact your local USTA Section.

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