Middle and High School Team Coaches

Are you a coach ready to guide and impact the tennis journey of the nearly 350,000 high school tennis players in the United States, ensuring their growth and enjoyment on and off the court?

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time organizer, the USTA recognizes your pivotal role and offers a wealth of resources for you and your athletes. 


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School Team Tennis

School team tennis is an incredible opportunity for teenagers to compete in a great environment: on a team with friends. The USTA can provide helpful resources and coaching tips to help you lead and develop a successful squad, whether you're a seasoned pro or leading your first interscholastic squad. 


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Discover These Free Resources


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Serve Tennis: The H.S. Coaches' Module

Discover the USTA High School Coaches' Module in Serve Tennis! In addition to managing your teams, scheduling matches and entering scores, as well as viewing previous match results and current standings, you can run your state tournament in the module— all with ITF World Tennis Number integration!

Explore Our Partner Resources

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), a national advocate for high school athletics, is a crucial resource for tennis coaches in schools. Click here for contact information for the tennis representative in your area.


Tennis Industry United has developed downloadable and customizable resources to help local tennis advocates promote the benefits of tennis, attract new players and re-engage past players, and help drive greater diversity and inclusion in tennis participation.


Diversity and Inclusion

Discover how to enrich your team's experience with diversity and inclusion. Want to incorporate wheelchair tennis into your high school program? Check out our Wheelchair Tennis Guide.


Out of Season Play Opportunities

Many high school players want to work on skill development and have fun with friends year-round. These out-of-season play opportunities can help student-athletes stay in the game long after their official seasons end.


Post-High School Tennis Opportunities


Have questions? Reach out to your local USTA section for answers and assistance.

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