Transaction Fees and Refund Policy

For Tournaments:

The total fee on all transactions will be 3.5% of the tournament entry fee + $.50 + applicable Section or District head tax*

* Tournament entry fee can be set as $0 (there is no transaction fee in this case)

* Head tax price is set by the USTA Section or District where tournament occurs and can therefore vary by region and by ranking level



  • For a tournament entry fee of $45 with a head tax of $5, a player will be charged $45 and the Tournament Director would earn $37.92

  • The player will not be charged until they are selected by the tournament 


Refunds for Tournaments:

  • Players can withdraw from a tournament at any time before the entry deadline. No refund or fees are due as no payments have been processed until selections have been confirmed. 

  • Tournament Directors can refund players their tournament entry fees (e.g. $37.92 in the example above) after selections and if the tournament starts in at least 7 days’ time as long as they have funds in their Stripe account

  • Any refunds due within 6 days of the tournament start date or after the event need are handled at the discretion of the Tournament Director. 

  • The USTA head tax fees and processing fees are non-refundable (see Friend at Court regulation I.H.8)

  • Tournament Directors will also have the flexibility to do a custom refund amount and to refund the player in full. 


For Programs, Social Leagues, Court Booking, and Club Membership:

The total fee will be 3.5% + $0.50 per transaction. If your programs, tournaments, leagues, court bookings, or club memberships are free, you will not be charged any transaction fees.


Refunds for Programs, Social Leagues, Court Booking, and Club Membership:

  • If a provider wishes to offer a refund to a participant in full, the participant will receive the original amount they paid. USTA processing fees will also be returned but Stripe’s original fees are non-refundable and the difference will be deducted from the provider’s account.