USTA Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Tournament Director Approval Process

To become an approved Tournament Director, an applicant must meet the following criteria:


  • Applicant must be endorsed and invited by the USTA Section in which the event will take place
  • USTA Organization membership is required (no cost) 
  • Knowledge and training for Serve Tennis required
  • Applicant must have activated Serve Tennis or be added as a Tournament Director admin for an organization in Serve Tennis
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations for the new Junior, Adult and Wheelchair Tournament Structure (for sanctioned events)
  • Applicant must be Safe Play approved


Steps that must be completed prior to submitting a tournament application: 


  • USTA Approved Tournament Director: Accept the invitation to become an approved National/Sectional/District Tournament Director. You must accept and be an approved Tournament Director in order to host any type of tournament in 2022 (sanctioned, unsanctioned, adult, junior, or wheelchair). If you are interested in hosting a tournament and have not received an invitation, please contact the respective office (National/Sectional/District).  
  • Serve Tennis: Log in using your USTA account to activate Serve Tennis and link to your organization (this will need to be completed before you can submit a tournament application). For more information on activating Serve Tennis, click here. For more information on linking to your organization, click here
  • Safe Play Approved: All Tournament Directors are required to be Safe Play approved in order to host an event at any level (adult, junior, or wheelchair). The Serve Tennis system will not allow Tournament Directors to submit a tournament application without first completing the required Safe Play training and background check. 
    • To check your Safe Play status, please visit and click the “Check Your Status” box (you will need to log in using your USTA account credentials, which are the same credentials used for TennisLink). A new screen will pop up with your status, either indicating you are Safe Play approved or highlighting steps that need to be completed. 
    • We recommend that you complete this at your earliest convenience to not delay tournament application submissions. For assistance in completing the Safe Play process, click here


As a reminder, USTA Customer Care is available for support should you need assistance or additional information and training. To help provide additional support, you can also visit the USTA Help Center with articles and videos specific to using Serve Tennis, which you can reference at any time by clicking here. To contact USTA Customer Care, visit our contact us page here.