First-Time Players' Guide:

How much to spend on a racquet?

Courtesy of TENNIS Magazine  |  June 26, 2017

Racquets today can be broadly (and somewhat crudely) divided into two categories: Frames made primarily out of aluminum, and frames made primarily out of graphite.


Aluminum frames are usually sold pre-strung (i.e., with strings). They’re a great choice if you’re unsure you want to commit to playing long term or if you just want to whack a few balls around with friends. What’s more, they’re affordable: only about $30 in sporting goods stores.


But if you are looking to commit to the game – and plan to join a team and/or take lessons – go ahead and buy a racquet made out of graphite. A graphite frame’s light weight and rigid construction make it much more powerful and accurate. And if you take care of it, it should last you for multiple years.


The prices of graphite frames range greatly, from about $60 to upward of $300. ADVERTISEMENT If you’re on a budget, a great way to get value for your money is to go online or to your local pro shop and look for sales on older, discontinued models. Sometimes you can find an extremely nice racquet that’s only a few years old for less than $100.


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