Playing on hard courts:

What's the right shoe?

Courtesy of TENNIS Magazine  |  January 1, 2017

Fair bounces, assured footwork, rewarding aggressive play – there’s a lot to like about playing on hard courts. One notable drawback, however, is the constant pounding on the pavement can cause creaky knees, tender ankles or a throbbing lower back. 


To lessen the physical toll of playing on a hard court, it’s advisable to find shoes that possess plentiful cushioning, stability and support. A padded insole can be a real asset – and that attribute is easy to compare between shoes, as it can usually be removed and examined to judge its thickness. 


A sturdy outsole never hurts, either. Look for shoes that come with a six-month outsole guarantee – then you know it’s built to take a pounding. It’s also advisable to have very limited to zero foot movement within the shoe.


Just like more mass in a frame absorbs more shock at contact, heavier shoes with plentiful cushioning passes less of the impact to the feet. 



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