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USTA Eastern League


October 25, 2022


Click here for 2022 National and Eastern Regulations.

Click here for National and Eastern Tri-Level Regulations.

Click here for 2.05E Amendment

Click here to download, “The Code: The Players’ Guide for Unofficiated Matches”. 

Click here to download the 2022 Friend at Court.  

Click here for USTA League Resources and Regulations.


Regulations by Region:


Long Island Region: 

Click here for Long Island Region Local Regulations.

Click here for Long Island Region Tri-Level Regulations.


Metro Region:

Click here for Metro Region Local Regulations.  

Click here for Metro Region Tri-Level Regulations.


New Jersey Region:

Click here for New Jersey Region Local Regulations.  

Click here for New Jersey Region Tri-Level Regulations.


Northern Region:

Click here for Northern Region Local Regulations.


Southern Region:

Click here for Westchester/Rockland Local Regulations.


Click here for Westchester/Rockland Tri-Level Regulations.

Click here for Mid-Hudson Local Regulations. 

Click here for Mid-Hudson Tri-Level Regulations.


Western Region:

Click here for Western Region Local Regulations - Buffalo ONLY.  

Click here for Western Region Local Regulations - ALL cities excluding Buffalo.

Click here for Western Region Tri-Level Regulations.  


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