Adult Sportsmanship

September 12, 2023

Take the pledge in being a good sport on and off the court!

When you are on the tennis court, it is not only important to know the rules of the game but to display respect and good sportsmanship as well. Sportsmanship includes respecting your opponents, playing fair, and doing your part so that everyone is having fun! USTA Mid-Atlantic’s ACES Pledge for sportsmanship is a commitment you make to uphold and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Explore the ACES Pledge sportsmanship recognition and nomination guidelines so you can continue to be a good sport and foster great sportsmanship within the Mid-Atlantic tennis community! 

The ACES Pledge

USTA Mid-Atlantic expects everyone to commit to a safe, inclusive, and FUN environment on and off the tennis court when they are participating in Mid-Atlantic events. To foster good sportsmanship and continue to create community, character, and well-being, we encourage you to take the ACES Pledge below:

We encourage everyone to show their commitment to sportsmanship and sign the ACES Pledge. Here are a few ways to sign the ACES pledge: 


USTA League Player: 

  • Sign the pledge when you register for a league. You pledge will be good for the year
  • If you advance to play at a League Championships, you must sign the ACES pledge prior to the start of the championship

Tournament Player, Spectators, and Parents/Family:

  • Sign the ACES Pledge at any time

Rewarding & Recognizing Good Sportsmanship


By nominating someone for a sportsmanship award, you are not only fostering a fun and safe playing environment, you are demonstrating good sportsmanship yourself! You can nominate an adult for the Champions of Change Honor Roll to recognize any adult associated with tennis - players, parents, coaches, etc - for their commitment to sportsmanship and bettering the community on and off the court. 


Sportsmanship nominees receive recognition on USTA Mid-Atlantic’s digital channels.

Want to nominate a youth tennis player for good sportsmanship? You can find information on youth sportsmanship recognition and how to nominate a youth player here. 

"As a participant in USTA Mid-Atlantic programs, whether as a player, parent, spectator, coach, or provider, I commit to a fun, fair, safe, and inclusive environment for ALL. I pledge to Always Champion Exceptional Sportsmanship on and off the court."
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