November 28, 2022

The NTRP National Championships for 2023 will have singles and doubles events for three age divisions: 18+, 40+ and 55+. Qualification for the NTRP Nationals is based on section quota. 


On the National Webpage, you will find the confirmed dates and venues for the 2023 NTRP Nationals as well as draw and scoring format and eligibility requirements. 


MAS may endorse up to 2 players for each division. Players MUST be USTA MAS Members in good standing and complete this request for endorsement form no later than December 29, 2022 to be considered for endorsement. 


Eligibility Requirements:

The NTRP Championships are based on a player's 2022 NTRP Rating.

  • Players may have been bumped up for 2023.  They are eligible and will play in their qualifying 2022 NTRP Rating.

  • If a player is Double Bumped, the player must play up one level from the qualified level (ie 3.0 bumped to 4.0 must play 3.5). 

  • SELF RATED PLAYERS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE.  A player must have a computer rating.


  • Singles entries close February 26. Doubles entries close March 9. 

  • Players MUST register by entry deadline regardless of endorsement. 

  • In order to be endorsed, a player MUST be ranked on the respective age/NTRP division as of 2022 Final Ranking. Players with zero points on the Final Ranking list will not be selected.


For 2023 ONLY:  

  • USTA MAS will apply for a waiver to allow players who only appear on the 18+ list to be endorsed to 40+ and or 55+ as applicable.

  • Players ranked on their true age division list will have priority in the endorsement process for MAS.

Please note that beginning in 2023, USTA MAS will offer at least one 40+ and 55+ event in order to support rankings in these divisions. MAS players will be required to appear on the respective age division/NTRP 2023 Final Ranking to be considered for endorsement for the 2024 NTRP Championships.

Click here for the championship fact sheet and format of play.

Click here for the NTRP National FAQ.

Click here for the NTRP National Rating Requirements.


For more information on Tennis Tournaments in the Mid-Atlantic, email tournaments@mas.usta.com.


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