Adult Tournaments

in the Mid-Atlantic

March 15, 2023
Adult Tournaments in the Mid-Atlantic

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New play opportunities are being added so check back often. Make sure you have reviewed the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section Play Guidelines for Tournaments so you know what to expect. Please contact your Tournament Director if you have any questions.


Whether you play Singles or Doubles or want to compete locally or nationally, you can find your place on the court with USTA Mid-Atlantic Tournaments. Compete against players of similar age and ability to test your skills. Check out the different types of Mid-Atlantic adult tennis tournaments offered in the Section. 


Types of Adult Tournaments:


sanctioned tournament is a tournament that has been approved by the appropriate level of the USTA (district, section, national) and agrees to abide by all USTA rules and regulations. Non-sanctioned tournaments are not used for ranking and do not have to follow USTA rules and regulations. Below you will find the different types of tournaments that you can compete in not only locally, but nationally as well. 


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Age Division


Adult/Senior Age Division Tournament Tennis offers men and women the opportunity to compete in sanctioned tennis tournaments in five year increments from ages 30 through 90, and Open (ages 15+). Age Group Events are open to all players with current USTA Memberships, and have reached or will reach the minimum age limit of the division on or before December 31st. Both men’s and women’s singles and doubles play are available as well as mixed doubles. Age division tournaments are best suited for more advanced players.

NTRP Tournaments


NTRP tournaments are based on a player's NTRP rating (skill level), which may range from 2.5 to 5.0. NTRP tournaments are not open to those under 18 years of age. Players must use their current NTRP rating to enter a sanctioned event. Self-Rating is allowed only if the player does not have a current NTRP rating. Both men’s and women’s singles and doubles play are available as well as combined doubles and combined mixed doubles. NTRP tournaments represent all skill levels.

Family Division


Family Events include Father-Son, Father-Daughter, Mother-Son, Mother-Daughter, and Husband-Wife Doubles.

Wheelchair Tournaments


Created in 1976 in California, wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest-growing and most challenging of all wheelchair sports.

Other important information about USTA Adult tennis tournaments:




The USTA also offers tournament play at the national level as Category I, II & III, Senior International Competition 35 to 80+, and NTRP national tournaments. These tournaments award national ranking points. For more information click here. The NTRP National Championship requires section endorsement. Please click here to find out more about MAS endorsement. 




Each year USTA MAS and USTA National provide opportunities for players to benchmark their ability level through a series of regional and national team competitions.  These events are some of the most historically prestigious and longest-running team-based competitions in the nation.  An invitation to play in a sectional team event is an honor extended by the section to its best adult players. The location of each cup rotates on an annual basis amongst the participating sections. For more information click here.




Rankings are generated once per year and are based upon calendar year play, with results published no later than the end of January of the following year. To qualify for a final ranking in our section a player must play at least one Mid-Atlantic Section Championship tournament or a National Level tournament held in MAS and must have a minimum of 25 ranking points. Standings are published monthly and include results in the most recent 12-months play (12-Month Rolling Standing List**). The only requirement to be included in the 12-Month Rolling Standing List is to have at least one match win. Both Rankings and Standings will be based upon a player’s best four tournaments. To find out more about National Rankings click here




By registering for USTA Adult Tournaments, you are agreeing to abide by the ITF Rules of Tennis and The USTA Rules & Regulations set forth in the USTA Friend at Court, as well as USTA MAS Rules & Regulations. The highest level of sportsmanship is expected from all tournament participants.


Looking for information about the USTA Mid-Atlantic Discipline & Grievance Form, click here to submit a grievance


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