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Whether you're a longtime tournament player or new to competition, we have all the resources you need to get started! Take a look at all the differnet types of tennis tournaments we offer and see which best fits your needs. 


The USTA offers tournaments for every age and skill level, whether you are looking to play in your local community, travel the country to face the nation's best, or even looking to represent Team USA in a senior international competition. 


Tournament events are offered on clay, hard and grass court surfaces. 


Adult Tournament Resources:


New Player Information

Adult Tournament Regulations

Adult Point Tables

New England Senior Tennis Foundation Website

Comparing the Ranked Event Levels (PDF)

Cup & Sectional Teams

National L1/L2/L3 Tournament Schedule

National Opportunities

Friend at Court

Tournament Feedback Form

2023 USTA Adult Tennis Tournaments Ranking System (PDF)

2022 USTA Adult & Family Tournament Regulations (PDF)

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We offer three types of adult tournaments: 



The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is the official system for providing level-based competition for USTA Adult Leagues and NTRP Tournaments. The primary goal of NTRP is to help all tennis players enjoy the game by providing a method of classifying skill levels for more compatible matches and tournament play. 


The rating categories are generalizations about skill levels. Players must have a USTA rating to enter sanctioned NTRP events, and they may "play up" in divisions .5 higher than their NTRP rating. Players are not permitted to play events below their rating or more than .5 above their rating. If you do not have a self-rating, click here.


NTRP Tournament Schedule



Many tournaments are categorized by age or "open”.  An Age Division tournament simply requires players to be a minimum age and is not based on NTRP. There are Age Division tournaments all over the country that range in both court surfaces and competitiveness–from competing at local tournaments to competing for the coveted Gold Ball at a National Championship.


 Open tournaments are open to any and all USTA Members. Typically, players who are equivalent to a 4.0 or higher will participate, however, as the term "open" implies, anyone can play as long as they are a current USTA Member.


Open Tournament Schedule



Come enjoy competition against tennis players age 50 and over by registering for a tournament on the New England Senior Sectional. Whether you are a serious senior tennis competitor or would like to enjoy some friendly tennis competition, learn about the Senior Tournament to see how points are awarded. Become involved in the Senior Tennis Tournaments through USTA New England and help promote the game of tennis. Check out the schedule below and mark your calendars to play or watch some great tournaments


Senior Divisions: (50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90) – Senior division events follow USTA National age groupings and are open to any player who is at or older than the age level of the event, or turns that age within the calendar year. Players may play in a younger age group, but are not eligible to play in an older age division.


Senior Tournament Schedule



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