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Sportsmanship is defined as ethical, appropriate, polite, fair, and generous behavior while participating in a game or athletic event. Demonstrating exemplary sportsmanship is imperative for all athletes in the USTA Eastern Section. On this page, access the "Player Promise" as well as a form to nominate fellow players who treat others with the utmost respect, on and off the court, so that we may celebrate their efforts.


Download and view the USTA Eastern Player Promise


Every individual playing a sport has the right to feel safe and supported, and should be treated with respect, kindness and dignity.


Like tennis legend Billie Jean King says: "Pressure is a privilege.” And privilege is a resource that can be deployed for the greater good. We pledge to react to pressure and competition with respect, professionalism, courage and compassion. 



Check on one another and ask, "How are you doing?" "How can I help?"


We pledge to inspire and motivate other generations to be champions on and off the court.


We pledge to meet  the challenge to be inclusive because tennis is a sport that embraces all players regardless of ability, age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.


Tennis is a sport that is built on respect. Respect for one another, and for the game itself. We are tennis players, competitors, champions, friends and teammates. 


We are Team Eastern. We are the future.


We will aspire to be champions for tennis.


We will aspire to be champions for each other.


2021 Eastern Sportsmanship Award Winners


USTA Eastern proudly announces the recipients of its Junior Sportsmanship Awards for the calendar year 2021. These players—who were selected by the section's Junior Tournament Committee—receive this distinction for demonstrating a high level of respect and compassion for their fellow competitors and teammates. They will be recognized at a special ceremony at the 2022 US Open.


Boys' 10s Sportsmanship Award: Graham Adamson


Girls' 10s Sportsmanship Award: Valentina Singh Carvajal


Richard D. Lynch II Boys' 12s Sportsmanship Award: Alexander Suhanitski


Richard D. Lynch II Girls' 12s Sportsmanship Award: Evelynn Kwak


E. Hawley Van Wyck, Jr. Boys' 14s Sportsmanship Award: Cooper Schorr


Edith Martin Girls' 14s Sportsmanship Award: Maggie Sohns


Lawrence A. Miller Boys' 16s Sportsmanship Award: Grant Wang


Lawrence A. Miller Girls' 16s Sportsmanship Award: Olivia Chin


Lt. Frederick M. Scribner, Jr. Boys' 18s Sportsmanship Award: Braden Thyroff


Edith Martin Girls' 18s Sportsmanship Award: Rose Hayes


Henry Benisch Scholarship Award: Shawn Mitchell Yon


View the 2020 USTA Eastern Sportsmanship Award recipients.


Sportsmanship Nominations


Help us to promote sportsmanship at junior tounaments throughout the section. Nominate a fellow player deserving of recognition for showing respect and fairness during a competition. Fill out the Nomination Form


Nomination examples: 


"She is a great player who respects other players no matter what level they are. After she wins, she always says nice things to her opponent. She plays fair and honest. It always a fun match when you play her. "


"This player is very kind on and off the court and does not allow court rivalries to affect his rational and good sportsmanship."



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