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Junior Tournament


November 19, 2019
<p><span class="articletitle">Junior Tournament </span></p>
<p><span class="articlesubtitle">Information</span></p>

2020 Eastern Look Ahead

2020 12-Month Calendar

2020 1-Page Calendar

2020-2021 Alignment Explainer

Junior Tournament Feedback Survey

USTA Safe Play


2020/2021 Junior Tournament Alignment NEW!

Over the next two years (2020 and 2021), all 17 geographic USTA Sections will 'align' around a single tournament pathway and ranking system. The alignment will provide players with more play opportunities (unrestricted by section borders) and more player-friendly scheduling (limited draws and standardized schedules). The USTA will also introduce significantly improved web and app technology that will help players better track their rankings, ratings and progress. This will be a two-year transition. To learn more about competitive structure changes, click here. The following are the changes taking place in the USTA Eastern section beginning January 1, 2020.



  • Renaming of Tournament levels:
Outgoing Pathways Skill Level New "Unified" Pathway
Level 1 National Championships National L1 National Championships
Level 2 National Tournaments National L2 National Tournaments
Level 3 National Tournaments Nat'l & High Performance L3 National Tournaments, L3 Super Six, L3 Empire Cup
Super Six/Empire Cup High Performance L4 Super Six & L4 Empire Cup
Eastern Sweet 16 Advanced Will not run in 2020 and beyond
L1/L1A Eastern Championships Advanced L5 Eastern Championships
L1B Eastern Challengers Intermediate/ Advanced L6 Eastern Challengers
L2 Eastern Opens Intermediate L7 Eastern Opens
L3 Eastern UPS Entry Level Eastern UPS


 By making levels consistent across sections, USTA and USTA Eastern will be able to allow players to play events outside their section. These events will count toward junior rankings beginning in 2021. Tournaments outside the section will NOT count toward rankings in 2020.


  • Excessive Delay Limit: Beginning in January 2020, players whose matches are not called to court within 30 minutes of the latest allowable match schedules (12U: 9:30 p.m./ 14U-18U: 10:30 p.m.) have the option to be rescheduled to the following day.


  • Tournament Formats and Tournament Entry/Selection Processes (USTA and USTA Eastern):  Neither will change in 2020. Players will still gain access to national events based on Section Quota, National Rankings and Section Standing (Super Six) just as they did in 2019.
    •    The L3 January Super Six is expanding to 48 players. Both Section L3 Super Six events are now 48-player draws.


Eastern Tournament Information

USTA Eastern strives to provide quality competitive opportunities for players to contest and develop their skills against other players, as they progress through the USTA Eastern and USTA National tournament pathways.  The utmost levels of courtesy and sportsmanship are expected of all participants and spectators at all times. 


A player’s USTA Membership is based in 1 of 17 geographic sections.  The Eastern Section is comprised of New York State, northern New Jersey, and Greenwich, Connecticut.  Players are only eligible for a ranking in the section that their membership is based; however they may be allowed to participate in tournaments in other sections, though these events will not count toward their Eastern ranking.


Age Eligibility


USTA Eastern tournaments are offered in the 10 & Under (10U), 12U, 14U, 16U, & 18U divisions.  Players become ineligible to play in an age division on the 1st day of their birthday month, the year they turn 11, 13, 15, 17, or 19. 


Tournament Levels (2019)


2019 Eastern Look Ahead

2019 12-Month Calendar


In the USTA Eastern Section, entry-level events are unranked (do not award ranking points) and called L3 UPS events. After winning two L3 UPS events, players are required to move to the intermediate level.  Intermediate events are named L2 Opens. Intermediate/Advanced events are designated as L1B Challengers, and advanced tournaments are designated as L1A or L1 Championships. High Performance tournaments: The Super Six, Empire Cup Doubles  and the Eastern Sweet 16 are offered beyond the L1 level; though these events may contain ranking requirements for participation. For more information on the USTA Eastern Junior Tournament levels please consult the current year's Look Ahead.


2019 Eastern High Performance & Endorsement Information


Registering for events


Players will find and register for tournaments using By registering for USTA Eastern tournaments players are acknowledging that they know and understand, as well as agree to abide by all rules and regulations detailed in Friend at Court.


Concurrent Tournaments


No player may register for more than one sanctioned tournament where the sanction dates overlap, unless the official/posted tournament start dates are at least three days apart. Some very limited exceptions may apply. Please see our Rules and Regulations page for details.


Eligibility for the US Open Eastern Junior Awards Gala


This event celebrates top performing juniors in each age group. The award winners will be the top 3 players listed on the first standing list published in the month of July in each age division (12-18). Since we do not have 10U rankings any more, the 10 and under awards will be awarded to the highest ranked 10U players within the 12U standings.  We will use the current birthday eligibility rules (Players become ineligible to play in an age division on the 1st day of their birthday month, the year they turn 11, 13, 15, 17, or 19.), which will only include players born on or after 8/1/2006 to determine our top three 10 and under recipients. These players and their families will be guests of USTA Eastern for day at the US Open in Flushing, NY.


Player and Spectator Agreement


By registering for USTA Eastern tournaments players are acknowledging that they know and understand, as well as agree to abide by all rules and regulations detailed in the literature referenced above,  USTA Rules and Regulations apply to parents & spectators as well; the player is responsible for their entourage. Poor behavior by spectators may result in point penalties for players. Poor personal behavior, bad sportsmanship or any acts detrimental to the game may prevent endorsement to as well as jeopardize participation in USTA National and Eastern tournaments.


Disciplinary/Code of Conduct System


The aim of the Disciplinary/COC system is to maintain fair and reasonable standards of conduct by all players participating in USTA sanctioned tournaments. The Point Penalty/Code of Conduct Suspension System, detailed on our Rules and Regulations webpage shall apply to all USTA & USTA Eastern sanctioned tournaments, and applies to conduct:

  • during all matches (main draw, consolation, qualifying, and doubles)
  • during tournament activities
  • at tournament facilities
  • at any other entity that a player would be associated with during that specific tournament (e.g. tournament hotels)


National Championship Wild Card Online Application


All National Championship and USTA/ITF Junior Wild Card requests are now online applications.  E-mailed or faxed applications will no longer be accepted. Follow the links in order to submit your application. Please note that the deadline for submission of wild card applications is no later than 5 days after the entry deadline.


Competitive Training Centers


The concept behind the USTA Competitive Training Centers involves bringing together the very best players to compete and train. CTC's offer low cost, high level training to these best players. These centers are designed as supplemental training for players ages 10-13. 


Coaches Commission


The mission statement of the Eastern Coaches Commission is: "To create the best training and competitive environment as it relates to younger players (8-12 years old)." The USTA Eastern Coaches Commission sponsors workshops for boys and girls 10 & under. The USTA Eastern Section sponsors the Zone Team Training Camp. Last year, this camp took place June 15 -16th at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. At this camp, players train, drill, receive uniforms, and attend seminars with valuable information. The BG 16s and 18s attend a college seminar while the BG 12s and 14s attend a seminar that educates them on the pathway to prepare for Zonal and National competition.


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