Team Events

Eastern participants at the 2019 Zone Team Championships.

The USTA holds several team tournaments for junior players, including Zone Team Championships (Zonals) and the Battle of the Sections. Below, learn more about how USTA Eastern athletes can participate in these events.



Zone Team Championships (Zonals)


Zonals are a National team competition that features singles, doubles and mixed doubles play. The goals of this event are to (a) introduce young players to national competition in an environment that deemphasizes competitive stress and (b) provide a platform for play that fosters teamwork and healthy competition. Zonals are classified as National Level 2 tournaments.


Registration has now closed for 2022 team events. We will update with 2023 information next spring.


2022 Information


The 2022 USTA Zone Team Championships are scheduled to be held on July 28-31, 2022 for players in the 12s and 14s age divisions only. ADVERTISEMENT This year, teams will not be divided by section as they have in the past; rather those who are accepted into the tournament will be waterfalled onto teams with a mix of players from all participating sections based on their USTA National Standing. Participants will be awarded Level 2 ranking points.


14s Age Division — Kalamazoo, Michigan

A total of 25 Eastern players will be ordered and accepted by the Combined National Standings List as of June 29th to compete at the 14s Zone Team Championships, to be held at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Juniors from USTA Midwest, USTA New England and USTA Northern will also participate.




12s Age Division — Basking Ridge, New Jersey

A total of 15 Eastern players will be ordered and accepted by the Combined National Standings List as of June 29th to compete at the 12s USTA Zone Team Championships, to be held at The Pingry School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  Juniors from USTA Middle States, USTA Midwest, USTA New England will also participate..


Battle of the Sections (NEW for 2022!)


For the 16s and 18s age divisions, a new Level 1 Team Championship, called “The Battle of the Sections” is scheduled to debut July 31-August 3, 2022 in Kalamazoo, Michigan (boys') and San Diego, California (girls') in the lead-up to the USTA National Championships. Each USTA section will send boys' and girls' teams composed of eight players: four 16-and-under players and four 18-and-under players. Together, these eight players will play as one team and participate in four singles and four doubles matches over the course of the tournament. The Eastern Section will designate coaches for the boys' and girls' teams.


2022 Information


The June 29th USTA National Combined Standing List will be used for selection.  The three highest-ranked players in each division (boys' 16s, girls' 16s, boys' 18s, girls' 18s) who register will be selected to compete.  The fourth spot in each division will be determined by the “all factors method”, which considers all reasonably available information, including ranking lists, ratings, standing lists, recent records, types of surface, and head-to-head encounters.



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