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December 7, 2022


The 2023 Chicago Junior District Championships will be held June 10-11, 2023. The sites are TBD and this page will be updated when they are confirmed.



2022 Chicago Junior District Championships 

Presented by Midtown Athletic Club


Congratulations to all the players who competed in the BG10-18s District Championships! Impressive play and great fight was on display by all!


Boys 10s Top Finishers
Girls 10s Top Finishers
1st Place - Raina Singh
Karthik Vigas 2nd Place - Genoa Sinno
Amadeo Mendez-Robles 3rd Place - Anhelina Pivtorak
  4th Place - Vitalina Pivtorak
Evan Koh
Graydon Lund
Tyson Kim  

Boys 12s Top Finishers

Girls 12s Top Finishers

1st Place – Nicholas Du

1st Place – Nicole Khomoutov

2nd Place – Nino Pinto

2nd Place – Sophia Khomoutov

3rd Place – Vincent Terekhin

3rd Place – Hannah Halabi

4th Place – Krystian Kostov


4th Place – Kylie Blass


Boys 14s Top Finishers

Girls 14s Top Finishers

1st Place – Matthew Sikorski

1st Place – Riley Lepsi

2nd Place – Aarav Nair

2nd Place – Delaney Letzel

3rd Place – John Wentzell

3rd Place – Yuki Mae Madrio

4th Place – Luca Sevim

4th Place – Riko Pang


Boys 16s Top Finishers

Girls 16s Top Finishers

1st Place – Benedict Graft

1st Place – Addison Lanton

2nd Place – Christopher Ackerman

2nd Place – Brooke Coffman

3rd Place – Garvin Murray

3rd Place – Sophia Shlyakhta

4th Place – Dustin Zhao

4th Place – Isabella Temenugov


Boys 18s Top Finishers

Girls 18s Top Finishers

1st Place – Brent Chen

1st Place – Madison Liu

2nd Place – Evan Glebov

2nd Place – Lainey O’Neil

3rd Place – Vincent Yin

3rd Place – Maggie Forkner

4th Place – Dominik Kaminski

4th Place – Sara Jankovic



Players recognized for Outstanding Sportsmanship:

  • Boys 10s – Logan Nguyen and Karthik Vigas
  • Girls 10s – Clare Garvin
  • Boys 12s – Nino Pinto
  • Girls 12s – Francesca Mora
  • Boys 14s – Nicholas Marringa
  • Girls 14s – Ainsley Schachman
  • Boys 16s – Garvin Murray
  • Boys 18s – Adian Hernandez
  • Girls 18s – Maggie Forkner

2022 Midwest Team Cup Results

Our CDTA teams represented the District successfully on June 17-19, 2022 at locations around the Midwest. Team Cup entails the top players from each District competing against one another in a team format of singles and doubles.


G18s Champions

B18s Finalists

Coach: Mark Bey

Coach: Maciek Jozwiak

Emma Baker

Kenneth Chan

Isabelle Chong

Benedict Graft

Sophia Kim

Caden Liu

Maia Loureiro

William Secord

Susanna Maltby

Mitchell Sheldon

Autumn Rabjohns

Andrew Spurck

Natalie Stasny

Vincent Yin

Jenna Stevens

Nathan Hernandez



BG14S: Champions

BG12s: 3rd Place

Coach: Darrell Robbins

Coach: Basit Sayed

Helena Klooster

Beatrice Bizzieri

Ariane Lesterhuis

Ingrid Fiedler

Delaney Letzel

Addyson Filipiak

Lily Revak

Jessie Janiak

Chase Peirce

Jayden Dussias

Ameya Tyagi

Adler Hung

David Wang

Dani Lagarija

Richard Zhang

Kavi Sarai

Parent Lunch and Learn - Keeping Your Junior Player Mentally Healthy

In a pre-recorded webinar, Dr. Larry Lauer and Dr. Shawn Foltz-Emmons discuss the importance of mental health and answer key parent questions. Learn more here.

Junior Competition Opportunities

USTA junior tournaments are offered in a variety of formats, including individual, team, non-elimination and elimination. There are also competitions for wheelchair players. This wide range allows you to compete in a way that makes you feel comfortable, suits your level of play and helps you experience success. The tournament structure consists of seven levels of ranking tournaments, with the lowest level of intermediate tournament classified as a Level 7 and USTA National Championships classified as Level 1. For entry-level to intermediate players of all ages, a non-ranking series of events called the Net Generation Circuit will focus on age-appropriate competition, development and fun.

You can learn more about the USTA junior tournament structure here.


Ready to get in on the action? Click here to find a tournament near year. If you’d like to jump right to Midwest and National schedules, visit this page.

Youth Progression PlayTracker

10 and Under (10U) tennis allows players to grasp the fundamentals of the sport. Participants learn about grips, preparation, swing path and ball placement. The equipment and courts are tailored to skill level, so kids can see their improvement and have fun right from the start. For those players ready for competition, USTA also provides play opportunities.


Click here for more information on the new 2021 USTA 10 and Under tennis program and PlayTracker.

USTA Sanctioned Programming

Team Challenge

A low-pressure team environment introducing competition without emphasizing results


Team Tournaments

Innovative format with increased competition focusing on team results


Junior Circuit

Non-elimination format for individual competition emphasizing results & ratings


Find programs near you at or


There are many of these events throughout the Chicago area. Contact Barb Rueth if you’d like more information about entering your child or hosting an event.

Tournament Director Resources


To schedule an official, contact Chuck Cunningham at the Chicago Tennis Umpires’ Council (CTUC).

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