Midwest Closed Junior Championships 

Midwest Closed

The USTA Midwest Junior Championships is the most prestigious junior tournament in the Midwest Section. All ranges of skilled youth tennis players from all five USTA/Midwest Section states-Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin- have a chance to compete in this event. The tournament includes four age groups and players must earn the right to play or be endorsed by their respective USTA District. 


Midwest Closed: June 25-30, 2022

BG12-14: Court One Athletic Club (Western Michigan)

B16-18: Grand Rapids Racquet & Fitness (Western Michigan)

G16-18: In the Zone (Western Michigan)



2022 Summer Level 3 Closed Player Selection Process

The total USTA/Midwest Section Level 3 Closed Junior Outdoor Championships draw is a 128 FIC draw.


The 128 players are made up of:

  • 70 Players selected from the most recent National Standings list
  • 32 Players selected off 100% reliable UTR
  • 26 District Quota/Wildcard Players (District Wildcard Criteria listed here)



Important things to note:

  • Players must register for the summer Level 3 Closed online via Serve Tennis prior to the registration deadline. No late entries will be accepted.
  • District Executive Directors will submit their quota/wildcard procedure to the USTA/Midwest Office. The district selection procedures will be used for the purposes of filling the remaining 26 spots. • All district quota/wildcard selection procedures will be listed on the tournament homepage.
  • For the 70 spots from NSL and 32 spots from UTR, players are not required to play in their District Championships. However, some districts might require participation in the District Championships for their quota/wildcard spots. 


If a District Quota spot is not filled by the player that earned the spot, it will be filled with a player from the alternate list using the National Standings list.


Specific details and questions regarding each District’s procedures should be directed to the appropriate District Endorser. You can find contact information for your District by clicking here



2022 Tournament Results


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