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High Performance

USTA Wisconsin offers many opportunities for high-performance junior players.

The Wisconsin Tennis Association (WTA) has redesigned the Competition Training Center (CTC) returning to the original structure as an “invitation only” excellence program for Wisconsin’s best junior tennis players. The program, which will be developed with assistance from the USTA’s National Player Development staff, will include the latest in high-performance instruction, strategy, mental toughness training, fitness, video analysis and match play evaluation. It will also include one-on-one parent conferences to discuss goal setting and progress.


This program has been developed to guarantee that each child receives the maximum amount of individualized attention.  A limited number of players will be invited to participate.


The divisions are:

  1. 10 and Under
  2. Ages 11 - 14
  3. The World Team Tennis Championship Division, ages 15 - 18


Judy Veloff, District Junior Coordinator

Coming soon!

USTA Midwest hosts 10 and Under player “Combines” to identify and invite 192 promising players aged 10 and under to participate in a series of three USTA Early Development Orange and Green Ball Tennis Camps throughout the summer and fall.


Each state combine will be complete with drills and fun activities to test players’ athletic and tennis acumen. Early Development Camps are the first step in the USTA Player Development Pathway and a great way for your child to grow as an athlete and tennis player. The combines are completely FREE to attend and will be a fun three hours of athletic and tennis skill development & testing! 


View details here.

A variety of play formats focusing on individual results & earning ranking points. Find a tournament in Wisconsin here.     

Varsity Tennis:

Numerous colleges offer men’s and women’s varsity tennis programs. There are many different Divisions to choose from: Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and NJCAA. Learn more about the recruiting process and how you can pick the best school for you. Learn more here.


Club Tennis:

There’s no better sport than tennis for making friends, staying fit and having fun! Whether you’ve played before or are just picking up the game, USTA Tennis On Campus has a way for you to find yourself in the game. All across the country, college students are enjoying the excitement of tennis through  co-ed team play that keeps their competitive fires burning and opens up doors to new friendships and endless fun. Learn more here.



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