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JTT Coach & Manager Responsibilities

Coaches and Managers

USTA New England’s guide to Tennis Team Coaches and Managers responsibilities for Junior Team Tennis displays all the necessary rules and guidelines. The Tennis Team Coach/Manager is responsible for checking the team in at the site of the match. You will receive your schedule and scorecards in your packet. All tennis match line ups must be submitted to the opposing coach at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the match. Penalties will be enforced at the tournament director's discretion (i.e. every individual match will start 1 game down for every 5 minutes the lineup is late).


Once lineups are submitted, they may only be changed in the event of illness, injury or disqualification.


Junior Tennis Teams may be given 2-3 courts for a team match. The order will be Boys and Girls Doubles, Boys and Girls Singles and then Mixed Doubles unless otherwise specified by the Tournament Director. Mixed Doubles will always be the 5th match.


Junior Tennis Team Management will record scores on the score cards and once the match is completed, return cards signed by both coaches, to the tournament desk. All teams must play all scheduled matches! Any team not complying with these tennis coaching rules will be subject to grievance procedures. In accordance with USTA Jr. Team Tennis Regulations, any team forfeiting an entire team match for ANY REASON will result in all matches of that team previously played or to be played to be declared null and void. If all teams in contention for the Championships have already played the forfeiting team in good faith, the matches stand as played.


All matches will observe a 5-minute warm-up, including serves. Play is continuous. As a tennis league manager or if you wish to coach youth tennis in New England, follow these guidelines set forth by USTA. 



If an eligible player on a team advancing to a championship competition is unable to participate, resulting in a failure of the team to meet the minimum team size requirement, an eligible substitute player may be added.


Substitute players are only allowed for teams which originally had the required minimum number of players who are eligible to advance

 In no event can more than one substitute, one (1) boy or one (1) girl, be added to meet the minimum team size requirement for championship competition. Any substitutions must be approved by the championship coordinator in which the substitution is occurring and shall remain in effect for that entire championship event.


Substitution players are only allowed for those teams who originally had  at least the team minimum of three (3) girls and three (3) boys who are eligible to advance.  In the event of the return of the original player in a subsequent championship, the coach/manager must decide whether the substitute player or the original player will participate.


The substitute player must come from a team in the same local program and season in which the advancing team participated to meet the minimum team size requirement.


Medical Conditions

Medical conditions include but are not limited to an injury, illness, and heat-related condition or cramping.


Medical Time Out

A medical time-out consists of evaluation time as determined by the umpire plus a maximum of three minutes treatment time. Toilet visit. A player may request one or more suspensions of play for a toilet visit. No coaching shall be permitted during the suspension of play for either a medical time-out or a toilet visit. In the event of rain, the Site Director on site will stop play and Team Coach/Manager turns their scorecards in to the site desk. Players will not be allowed to leave the site until released by the Site Director on site.



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