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Early Development Camps

What Are Early Development Camps?

Early Development Camps are the first step in the USTA Player Development Pathway and aim to provide young tennis playing athletes around the section an opportunity to get involved in future training opportunities using high-performance standards for orange ball tennis.


Click here to watch a video on EDCs. 


Where Are They Held?

In 2024, we're excited to be revamping USTA Early Development Camps (EDCs) to be more localized opportunities for 10 and under players in New England. We will be hosting camps from March through June and hope you can attend with your players!


Mark your calendars, as we are offering the following Early Development Camps (EDCs) in 2024:


Longfellow Natick - March 23

Providence Tennis Academy - May 11

Springwood Park (Norwalk, CT) - May 18

Longfellow Natick - June 15

Longfellow New Hampshire - September 21


Early Development Camp Curriculum

Orange Ball (Net dominator)

Orange Ball (All court player)

Green Ball (Taking control of the point)

Green Ball (Becomming an offensive player)

USTA Junior Playbook



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