Team Challenge 2022

Ron Cioffi  |  November 9, 2022
2022 USTA Southern junior team for Florida-Southern

Southern defeated Florida 211-124 in the second Florida/Southern Team Challenge. 


The Southern Boys'/Girls' 12s-14s dominated the tournament, winning 143-49. Florida's Boys'/Girls 16s-18s edged Southern 75-64. 


Matches were played in Daytona Beach, Fla. 


In the first competition, USTA Southern defeated USTA Florida 141-96. Matches were played Oct. 29-31, 2021.


Selection and competition details

  • National Level 2
  • Six girls and six boys in each age level
  • Selection for USTA Southern Team will be based on USTA National Ranking from the October 6, 2021 Published List. 
  • Players rostered 1, 2, 3 will be playing #1 position (180 pts per win)
  • Players rostered 4, 5, 6, will be playing #2 position (156 pts per win)
  • Players will play a singles and doubles match each day. On Friday and Saturday, players will also play mixed doubles.
  • No coaching allowed during play.  However, there will be a team captain assigned to the team.


  • Singles, 12s: Best of 2/3 sets with match tiebreak in lieu of third set.
  • Singles, 14s-18s: Best 2/3 Sets
  • Doubles including mixed, all levels: Pro set (number of games to be determined) with ad scoring