Good Chase Sportsmanship Race has its first winner, Isabella Graeber

Ron Cioffi | August 28, 2023

USTA Southern announced the Good Chase Sportsmanship Race in collaboration with the Match Tennis App, and now we have our first winner, Isabella Graeber.


Isabella Graeber, of Ocean Springs, Miss., is a rising 8th grader and won with 11 nominations. She is ranked No. 3 in Missississippi and No. 59 in the Southern Section. With over 600 players nominated, Isabella really set herself apart with her exemplary sportsmanship and positive and respectful manner on court. 


USTA Mississippi President Tom Daglis presented Isabella with her award at a special ceremony held locally at Isabella's home court. Isabella and her family are excited to attend the US Open. In an interview during the ceremony, Isabella said it was her first visit to the US Open. She added that Coco Gauff is the player she wants to see the most.

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Background info

From May 1 to July 31, 2023, the Good Chase Sportsmanship Race promoted good behavior by junior players during tournaments. The purpose of the race is to incentivize and reward players who exhibit exemplary sportsmanship, with the ultimate goal of creating a more positive and respectful tournament environment for all participants.


The Good Chase winner earns a Grand Prize trip for two ground passes to the 2023 US Open (worth $300), a $500 grant for a hotel (supplied by USTA Southern) and $800 in airfare provided by Match Tennis App. Any players who receive 5 or more nominations will receive sportsmanship bag tags. 

Tiered Reward System

The Sportsmanship Award System includes a tiered reward system, wherein players who receive a specified number of nominations shall be awarded certain items. Any player, parent, or tournament staff member may nominate individual players for the Sportsmanship Award by utilizing the Sportsmanship Award button on the tournament page within the Match Tennis App, or by using the respective external tournament nomination page. The tiered reward system shall be as follows:

  • 5 Nominations: Southern Section Selected Award - Bag Tag
  • US Open Grand Prize: 

o    US Open Ground Pass Tickets $300.00 for 2 provided by USTA Southern

o    Airfare $800 provided by Match Tennis App

o    Hotel $500 Grant provided by USTA Southern


Complete Rules

Click here for the complete rules and regulations of the Good Chase contest.



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