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USTA Jr. Team Tennis (JTT) is a national youth tennis league played in all 50 states. It's not about the individual. It's about kids getting together to play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles AS A TEAM against other teams.


It promotes values and lessons you would expect from any sport by fostering a spirit of cooperation, unity and individual self-growth.


Also, it's a fun environment for kids where they learn that succeeding is really more about how you play the game - win or lose.


Some more notes about JTT
- Jr. Team Tennis is for any kid between the ages of 6 and 18 who wants to play

- Teams consist of a minimum of three boys and three girls

- A team match consists of one line each of boys singles, girls singles, boys doubles, girls doubles and mixed doubles (five lines total per match).

There are two different options for set up of programs in local areas, depending on an area's competitive needs: LOCAL and CHAMPIONSHIP SEASONS.
LOCAL is a non-advancing league that includes High School Club Tennis, Team Challenges and local-only league seasons. ADVERTISEMENT Typically, these are introductory and less competitive and a way to ease kids into team formats. 


CHAMPIONSHIP advances on to Section and possibly national championships. These are typically for more seasoned competitors (intermediate and advanced divisions). 


Contact your LOCAL LEAGUE COORDINATOR  to find out the specific details of when Jr. Team Tennis seasons start in your area, or to express interest in starting or becoming a part of a league. 






  • Looking to coach or volunteer for a local JTT program . Check out the Coaches/Organizers link above.
  • Looking for a TEAM to play on? Inquire with your local teaching pro about potentially organizing a team. You can also contact your area's LOCAL LEAGUE COORDINATOR to help you get started.   


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