Junior Team Tennis

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Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is a program that provides organized match play in a team setting. Through singles, doubles and mixed doubles formats, team competition helps kids develop a sense of individual contribution within a group. 


JTT promotes social skills and important values by fostering a spirit of cooperation and unity, as well as self-growth. Whether they win or lose, kids learn that succeeding is really more about how they play the game.


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Texas Sectionals

USTA Texas hosts JTT Sectional Championships for all Green Ball and Yellow Ball area winners at the end of the Fall and Spring seasons. 


There's plenty of preparation that goes into Sectionals, and we want to make sure you are prepared to play your best and have fun! Below you will find a list of hotels, maps and other information to help you get ready for Sectionals!


Registration is open for the Spring season, contact Mark Hodge to get connected to JTT in your area.

Spring 2024


Date: May 18-19, 2024

Location: Bryan/College Station

Staff: Mark Hodge



JTT Section Regulations

JTT Sectional Division Details - posted 1-2 weeks before event


Fall 2024


Date: December 7-8, 2024

Location: Newks Tennis Ranch

Staff: Mark Hodge



JTT Section Regulations

JTT Sectional Division Details - posted 1-2 weeks before event

Frequently Asked Questions

Junior Team Tennis is a team match play product for players ages 6-18 who are comfortable with match play formatting and looking for additional practice in a fun team environment. JTT brings together players on a team to play lines of singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other teams of similar ages and ability level.

With Junior Team Tennis, you’ll learn about unity, sportsmanship and how to work together to achieve success. You’ll also learn that success isn’t just about winning; it’s about how you play the game and respond to challenges. JTT is a fun alternative way to increase match play experience with the support of your team to cheer you on. 

While USTA Junior Team Tennis provides an environment for players to become more confident with match play, all participants are expected to be able to serve, rally, and score without assistance.


If a player isn't ready, the USTA Team Challenge is an excellent opportunity for them to develop their match play experience! These programs are regularly hosted at local tennis centers, schools, and other community organizations.


Reach out to your player's coach/teacher to see if they are running Team Challenges near you! For more information about these team products, please contact Mark Hodge

To find out what divisions are currently offered in your area, contact your local ALC.

  1. Connect with your local league
  2. Create a USTA account - Your local league may or may not require USTA membership, so be sure to check with your Team Captain or ALC.
  3. Register for a team

Nearly 100,000 kids nationwide play Junior Team Tennis annually, thanks to the parents who donate their time and talents. In fact, your parents can get involved today, whether they’re pros or if they’ve never picked up a racquet. They can even start a team if there isn’t one nearby. Learn more about being a Team Captain.


Note: Make sure to stay in touch with your team captain and area league coordinator throughout the season. They will notify you of your player's match schedule, special events and the next season league information.


For more information about this program, please contact our Junior Team Tennis Coordinator, Mark Hodge, or your local Community Services Coordinator (CSC)



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