Caribbean / U.S. Virgin Islands

San Sebastián celebrates its

First Mini Tennis 

June 24, 2019

In the 3rd stop of the Mini Tennis Tour of 2019, 65 new tennis players visited the facilities of San Sebastian Tennis Courts to enjoy a full day of fun activities with parents and family.


Olivencia Tennis was the host of this event held on June 22, where the boys and girls were grouped by age and according to the ball assigned by category:


Red ball - 8 & under

Orange ball - 10 & under

Green Point. - 12 & under


In the activity, we were able to delight a recreational and festive atmosphere, where we don’t look for a champion but to encourage confidence in the court to youth players who are just beginning in sports.


Food, promotions, and music kept the mood of the participants to the fullest, while the courts adapted for each category were kept full.


Is the first time that we celebrate the Mini Tennis Tour in San Sebastian, and it was a total success, thanks to the diligence of the organizers and the cooperation of the volunteers of the event.




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