2022 Mid-Atlantic Section Awards Announced

June 24, 2022

In the Mid-Atlantic tennis community, there is no shortage of individuals, organizations, and groups doing great things to grow tennis and change lives through the sport. From league captains who volunteer their time, to providers and coaches who commit to the advancement of their players and their communities through the sport.


USTA Mid-Atlantic tennis creates community, character, and well-being. Each year, USTA Mid-Atlantic Section - a nonprofit organization -  honors our members, players, providers and organizers that support and grow tennis in the Section and are excelling at many levels to go above and beyond for tennis and well-being of others.


This year, USTA Mid-Atlantic will turn to the tennis community to nominate outstanding individuals and community providers for the annual Section awards which will continue to align with the guiding principles of Community, Character, and Well-being under the “USTA Mid-Atlantic Creates” theme. 


The award program is rooted in USTA Mid-Atlantic’s mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis. Awards emphasize and celebrate programs and people that create community, build character, and encourage overall well-being. 


Nominations are now OPEN and can be made through this form. You are encouraged to nominate any and all deserving individuals and providers that fulfill the criteria listed for the award categories. Plus, don’t forget to share and tell your tennis friends and organizations to make nominations also! 


The deadline for submitting nominations is July 15. An internal committee will review nominations and select winners. 


For questions and more information, please get in touch with Megan Driscoll at driscoll@mas.usta.com.


2022 USTA Mid-Atlantic Creates Award Categories



Provider Champion: Recognizing a Mid-Atlantic tennis provider (of all types) that has stepped up in the community to serve fun, inclusive, and welcoming programs in the Mid-Atlantic that increase access and awareness to the sport. 

  • A Mid-Atlantic tennis provider/certified coach that consistently creates innovative, impactful, and inclusive programming among able body or adaptive tennis players within the USTA Mid-Atlantic

  • A Mid-Atlantic tennis provider/certified coach committed to the growth and support of tennis programs in  Communities that are underserved by/with limited access to tennis

  • Goes above and beyond to make tennis welcoming (ie: fun, flexible, priced appropriately, accessible, geared toward varying ability levels)

  • Registered tennis programs through Serve Tennis

  • If they work with youth tennis players they are Safe Play approved and in good standing 


Community Champion: Recognizing a Mid-Atlantic tennis player who has gone above and beyond to serve the community, grow tennis, and increase access to the sport in the Section. 

  • Open to all ages

  • Participant in USTA Mid-Atlantic tennis events/programming (including but not limited to: USTA Mid-Atlantic tournaments, wheelchair tennis programming, JTT programs, USTA League, team challenges, junior circuit events, Mid-Atlantic team events, etc.) or active in USTA Mid-Atlantic Volunteer Program

  • Signed the Mid-Atlantic ACES Pledge



Youth Leader: Recognizing a Mid-Atlantic youth tennis player who exudes the ideals and values of the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section both on and off the court. This award is given to someone who has demonstrated leadership skills for his/her team, and character development with sportsmanship recognition while encouraging and teaching respect for others and ethics.  

  • Age 17 and under

  • Participant in MAS JTT, Tournaments, and/or school tennis team and/or a youth associated with a Mid-Atlantic organization (CTA/NJTL), or Mid-Atlantic youth tennis programs (Girls Rule the Court, High School Ambassador program, Team Challenge programs, Mid-Atlantic team events, high school or middle school program). 

  • Signed the Mid-Atlantic ACES Pledge


Adult Leader: Recognizing a Mid-Atlantic adult tennis player who exudes the ideals and values of the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section both on and off the court. This award is given to someone who has demonstrated leadership skills for his/her team, community program, and or tennis facility, and consistently showcases sportsmanship. 

  • Age 18 and older

  • Participant in USTA Leagues, Tournaments, Adult Social programming, TOC, College Play and/or High School tennis or community organizers involved in Park & Recreation departments, NJTL and/or CTA organizations

  • Can also include parents/guardians whose children are involved in a form of USTA Mid-Atlantic programming

  • Signed the ACES Pledge



Tennis in the Classroom: Recognizing teachers and school tennis providers (i.e. high school and middle school team coaches, after school leaders) that go above and beyond to keep their students active with tennis. Nominations open for those working within grades K-12 in the Mid-Atlantic Section.

  • Physical Education Teachers  

  • High School Tennis Team Coach

  • Middle School Tennis Team Coach

  • After School Tennis Leader 


Coach of the Year: This award is given to a coach/provider in the Section that ensures their programming can be played by all ages and ability levels and that all who play have the opportunity to benefit from the long-lasting physical and social-emotional aspects of the sport.

  • Be a registered teaching professional and/or certified coach, Safe Play approved and in good standing

  • Create innovative, impactful, and inclusive programming

  • Demonstrates commitment to introducing the sport to new audiences; developing players of all ability levels; and retaining players throughout the tennis pathway that is most beneficial to the individual(s).


Nominate today!


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USTA Mid-Atlantic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to promoting tennis and its physical, social, and emotional health benefits. Learn about our impact in the Section and how USTA Mid-Atlantic creates community, character, and well-being. Make an impact beyond the net and donate today.


To find more information on past USTA Mid-Atlantic Section award winners, click here.

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