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Missouri Valley / Iowa

USTA Iowa Establishes Community Tennis Association Grants

Andrea Gallagher | November 18, 2021

United States Tennis Association Iowa has established CONNECT pathway grants for Community Tennis Associations across the state. The goal is to help organize, connect and financially assist in development within the district. CONNECT grants run from January through the end of November, with the funds paid out by November 30. If every category is completed, $500 will be awarded. 


"I'm very excited that the district has taken steps to make this CTA grant possible for 2022,” said John Terpkosh, USTA Iowa Tennis Service Representative. “The benefits and potential this project has can certainly make an impact on the entire district."


Phase 1: Self

  1. Have a minimum of three board members.

  2. Register with the Secretary of State.

  3. Work with John Terpkosh to take the CTA Health Check.

  4. Have one active committee. 


Phase 2: Community

  1. Include a diverse board of directors (example: park dept., YMCA, school official.)

  2. Develop a CTA website.

  3. Run a tennis program or tennis tournament. 


Phase 3: With Others

  1. Attend the free USTA Iowa CTA Summit in Ames.

  2. Run at least two tennis programs and/or tournaments.

  3. Contribute current CTA contact information for the District Directory.


Phase 4: With District

  1. Contribute at least one CTA member with USTA Iowa (ex: board officer, committee member.)

  2. Attend and report at the Fall USTA Meeting in October.

  3. Update the CTA online registration with the USTA by August 1, 2022.

  4. Submit at least one award nomination to the USTA Iowa Award Committee. 


For more information on the Pathway Grant, please contact John Terpkosh at or Cindy Rasche at


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