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USTA Iowa Wants Players to Pay Attention to Good Sportsmanship on the Courts

Andrea Gallagher | April 12, 2023

Sportsmanship is important in all sports, but in tennis it’s especially crucial since junior players are officiating themselves at a young age. USTA Iowa awards chair Mike Conlon said it’s vital that players understand and respect their opponent. 


“It’s important that we promote good character and sportsmanship in every sport to help the players understand that while it’s important to learn how to be competitive, it’s equally as important to learn how to appreciate your opponents and their abilities.”


USTA Iowa is encouraging players, parents and tournament directors to keep an eye out and  nominate others when they notice good sportsmanship on the court.


“We’re looking for players who outwardly communicate good sportsmanship during matches and that would include complimenting opponents on good shots,” Conlon said. “The time to make the nomination is during or immediately after the event so the details are fresh in their mind. Also, it’s important to provide a thorough review of the nominee, complete with specific instances of good sportsmanship.”

So the next time you notice someone displaying good sportsmanship on the court, nominate them for a USTA Iowa Sportsmanship Award at this link: https://www.ustaiowaawards.net

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