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Q&A with Kate Foss

Kendra Wicks  |  April 1, 2019

Kate Foss currently serves as President of USTA Kansas. She is passionate about the game and the growth of local tennis. We recently got to know Foss with a few quick questions for her.


How did you first get your start in tennis?

I first started playing tennis in grade school with the rec department in my hometown in Wisconsin. I left the game for decades and started playing again three years ago. I am happy to be back.


What is your greatest tennis accomplishment?

My greatest tennis accomplishment is raising my tennis-loving and tennis playing son, Charlie.


Why is tennis so important to you?

Tennis is such a great sport because it’s a lifetime sport. I love the fitness, social and competitive aspects of it.

Tennis has been a large part of our lives since Charlie started playing at age 5. He has played USTA Junior Team Tennis, as well as his middle school and high school teams, and he regularly plays in USTA junior tournaments. ADVERTISEMENT Tennis is his favorite sport and we support his passion.    


As president, what is your biggest priority or goal?

My goal is to support the USTA mission: to innovate, promote and grow the game of tennis.


What is your biggest tennis bucket list item?

My tennis bucket list includes attending all four Gram Slam Tournaments (two down, two to go). Another goal is to watch as much tennis as possible during this golden age of tennis, as long as Roger, Rafa and Novak are still playing. 



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