2019 Junior Team Tennis

National Championships recap

Ashley Marshall  |  November 20, 2019

The best Junior Team Tennis clubs from across the country competed in the 14U and 18U National Championships in San Antonio, Texas, over two weekends earlier this month. 


Teams from New York and Texas took home the honors at the 14U National Championships, while squads representing the Lone Star State also swept the tiles in the 18U championships one week later. Both competitions were held at the McFarlin Tennis Center in San Antonio.


“The JTT National Championships are an annual celebration of team tennis, bringing together some of the nation’s top junior players,” said Matt Barnhart, Senior Manager, Team Competition, USTA. “Each of the teams have advanced from the local level and through their Section to reach Nationals, allowing the players to make lifelong memories on and off the court.”



The 14U championships brought together the top 28 teams at intermediate and advanced levels from various USTA sections throughout the country.


Competing in the advanced division, the New York team from the John McEnroe Tennis Academy at Sportime Randall’s Island defeated the Texas Select Longhorns from Dallas, 51-43, in the final.


In the intermediate division, the Texas Select Bears defeated another team from Texas, the King Daddy Tornadoes, 45-42, in the championship match, marking the second year in a row that a Texas team took home the 14U silverware.


The following weekend, the Austin Tennis Academy, representing the USTA Texas Section, swept the 18U National Championships, capturing both the advanced and intermediate national titles.


In the advanced final, the ATA Dream Team knocked off the Topsinners from the USTA Southern California section, 59-24, while the other Austin team, the ATA Pitbulls defeated the Linx Warriors (USTA Mid-Atlantic section) from Potomac, Md., 52-36, in the intermediate final.


Junior Team Tennis instills some of the most valuable traits in young players: respect, collaboration, responsibility and sportsmanship.


With those characteristics in mind, teams and individuals were honored at the conclusion of play at the 2019 Junior Team Tennis National Championships in both the 14U category and 18U division.


The sportsmanship and team spirit awards were presented to one boy and one girl from each of the intermediate and advanced divisions who received the most votes from his or her peers throughout the tournament.


“Sportsmanship is of the utmost importance in Junior Team Tennis competition and these award winners showcased the best examples of effort, respect and teamwork that we come to expect from JTT participants," added Barnhart.


Established in 1991, USTA Junior Team Tennis provides youth with all of the health and social benefits of tennis in a coed, fun and competitive team environment – all while allowing participants to compete with and against individuals of similar ages and skill levels.


With more than 85,000 players competing nationwide, USTA Junior Team Tennis brings players together to enjoy camaraderie and teamwork, providing a  fun environment for kids to learn that succeeding is really more about how they play the game, win or lose.


The full list of winners are listed below. 


2019 Junior Team Tennis 14U National Championships


Click here for the final pools and brackets


Intermediate Division


1st Place: Texas WC (Texas Select): Aditya Gupta, Avi Kumar, Sansh Kumar, Bianca Harris, Willow Dymkowski, Aubrey Carroll


2nd Place: Texas (King Daddy Tornadoes): Aly Ham, Jastine Escamos, Katiana Gonzalez, Laila Nguyen, Timothy Nguyen, Gabriel Segubiense, Dong Thanh Do


3rd Place: Mid-Atlantic (Linx Heroes): Avinash Kakarala, Andrew Au, Shivaani Selvan, Eleni Guerrera, Madison Warren, Jai Khana


4th Place: Southern (Mississippi Aces): Charlie Ratliff, Justin Martin, Danny Royals, Alex Holder, Aiden Usry, Lytle Moore, Emily Buchanan, Kylie Elliott, Lucy Lee, Ellie Hogue


Sportsmanship Awards


Veronica Lynn (Middle States, Northwood Thunder)


Gabriel Cayere (Caribbean, Torrimar)


Best Team Banner Award: Intermediate: New England (Madrackets)


Advanced Division


1st Place: Eastern (JMTA): Marco Ziets-Segura, Giuseppe Cerasuolo, Chantajah Mills, Jacob Mann, Olivia Benton, Ava Dahl, Nina Wiese, Zecheng Feng


2nd Place: Texas (Texas Select): Mateo Galvez, Lance Luong, Yuki Asako, Trooper Denson, Hattie Berend, Mariansofia Aguirre, Chelsie Son, Cody Huang, Lindsay Patton


3rd Place: Northern California (Laguna Creek Sports Club): Irene Huang, Aileena Hu, Nahreen Cheam, Ted Nguyen, Nadaul Cheam, Min Htun


4th Place: Hawaii Pacific (BTC): Maggie Hoe, Leyanne Hirota, Elise Wong, Julia Visaya, Logan Tom, Dawson Hose, Seiya Kudo, Payton Jim On



Sportsmanship Awards


Nia Macay (Northern California, Stonegate Tennis Academy)


Collin Beduhn (Northern, SLP Yetis)


Team Spirit Award: Eastern (MatchPoint Magic)


Best Team Banner Award: Texas (Texas Select)






2019 Junior Team Tennis 18U National Championships


Click here for the final pools and brackets


Intermediate Division


1st Place: Texas (ATA Pitbulls): Alexandra Malysheva, Keana Moon, Clark Sweeney, Jonathan Snell, Austin Beckham, Kael Peterson, Sydney Williams, Jordan Phillips, Coach John Schoenmakers


2nd Place: Mid-Atlantic (Linx Warriors): Daoud Alkhalidi, Jason Wang, Angelina Zhao, Suzanne Xu, Anusha Iyer, Kallista Liu, Camilo Illanes, Derek Yan


3rd Place: Midwest (Kickin’ Ace and Taking Games): Coach Neil Behrman, Lauren Rowe, Andrew Leonard, Isabelle Behrman, Charles Hutchinson, Hudson Gilstorf, Owen McEldowney, Sophia Davidson, Michael Wright, Coach Heather Davidson


4th Place: Southwest (SWITA Team Fury): Coach Luis Ridaura, Sydney Casavant, Kade Talbot, Deondra Bacchus, Franco Toscano, Elizabeth Vijan, Theodor Wolf, Coach Don Talbot


Sportsmanship Awards


Nia Dabreo (Eastern, Highland Park Hawks)


Theodor Wolf (Southwest, SWITA Team Fury)


Best Team Banner Award


Northern California (Stonegate Tennis Academy)


Advanced Division


1st Place: Texas (ATA Dream Team): Lawrence Li, Juandedios Abboud, Anushka Dania, Caroline Wernli, Megha Dania, Nico Jamison, James Cockrell, Coach Brian Notis


2nd Place: Southern California (Topsinners): Salight Choi, Tory Bailey, Hana Moss, Marley Lambert, Breana Cook, Phil Hodges, Matthew Rowe, Coach Jeanette Lee


3rd Place: Northern California (Laguna Creek Sports Club): Tyler Shih, Patrick Wall, Henry Huang, Mia Linam, Alexis Sam, Kaitlyn Rausa, Jan Silva, Coach Christopher Wall


4th Place: Midwest (Wickertree): Vishnu Bodavula, Suriya Sundaram, Ryan Mudre, Alexis Burkhalter, Nour Khayat, Devin Boyer, Max Fickas, Omar Khayat, Coach Robert Lehner



Sportsmanship Awards


Carley Citron (New England, Yellow Jackets)


Matthew Rowe (Southern California, Topspinners)


Best Team Banner Award


Mid-Atlantic (Raintree – Campbell)


Team Spirit Award: Caribbean (Caribbean Waves)


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