CTA Spotlight: AD-IN School of Tennis, Inc. 

Erin Maher | November 29, 2018

Located in Matawan, N.J.,  the AD-IN School of Tennis, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing tennis players on both the junior and adult level and instilling the love of tennis in all of the program’s participants. 


AD-IN School of Tennis first started developing junior tennis players, focusing rather on building a student-athlete, as opposed to just an athlete. This focus on both tennis and school creates lifetime tennis players, and students committed to education and growth. Students have graduated from AD-In School of Tennis to become scholar-athletes in college, often receiving scholarships. 


The program was founded by Igor Nikitin, Ukrainian born former world junior tennis player and two-times national champion in singles and doubles in Ukraine.  Held at the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional High School, AD-In School of Tennis, Inc. uses a 4:1 coach-to-player ratio to ensure personalized attention and quality training. 


Besides the on-court training, AD-IN School of Tennis, Inc., also focuses on mental strength, as well as physical strength and conditioning to develop a tennis player holistically. 


For more information on AD-IN School of Tennis, Inc., click here.



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